Listen, I know, that the crisis of the Coronavirus kind of took off, and made people mad at each other.

Especially those who see themselves as black are mad.

But that is not an excuse for killing innocent old people in a private owned garden.

As there are racists and bigots in the white camp, that fact of the matter is, that it goes both ways.

You cannot as a black person reduce your behavior to a justified rebellion to kill all white people.

It is inhuman.

At the other side, killing blacks is ALSO inhuman.

There are trends within the white community that is evil, but it is also the same in the black.

Truth is, that in Zimbabwe and South Africa, whites are at the bottom of the latter.

If we are to live together, what is important, is to recognize the other person in your community as someone equal.

We are all born and cared by spirit. Spirit does not care whether you have brown or white skin. What he cares, is your actions as a person.

Do you forgive, or do you do acts of evil?

That is what it is about; your personal responsibility as a person.

Maybe it is time to stop demanding so much, and start giving a little something.

Recognizing that other person, not as a person of color, whatever the way that is, but as a true person.

Someone you can relate to, understand and respect.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may it remain whole.

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