We have developed here in the Western and eastern civilizations in moves and jumps. Latest jumps have been the minority caretaking of the cultural Marxists. The development we are in right now is basically mine, which is democratic socialism with a fierce renewal of faith. 

Each step of the way has been done by a bunch of philosophers or, sometimes with just one philosopher. 

I am reading a lot about the Renaissance philosopher or mystic Paracelsus. He is a bit like me. A mystic with a lot of skill and also temperament. A genius of his time, who is still parting the waters. 

He basically represents the move from mysticism to rationality. He was the one who invented a lot of what we see as empiricism and objectivism of today. A contradiction since he was a mystic himself. 

The move I have recommended and fought a lot for, is a move where religion and spirituality is mainstream accepted again. This is really not a move against the rationality of Paracelsus, but in fact a move within the religious community where we move on from Aristotle and Plato to Anaxagoras (the teacher of Plato) to a more complete and rational explanation of the universe. 

The Renaissance with its focus on the ancients is yet again taking another turn. This time FOR religion and spirituality. 

What I am basically saying is, that when we went on with rationality and objectivism, only accepting what we can scientifically prove, we lost a lot in the realm of religion. This we need to recapture to be whole again. 

But when we do it, we do it on a secure and profound basis. Not in any way superficially. 

G-d bless the will to do good and understand that metaphysics should have a come back in the major halls of learning. 

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