Human rights

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There is an ongoing discussion within the humanist society on what is really the way to go.

I have been doing a lot of social work as a journalist on my small tv station, and I have a lot of experience with one darkness of this world, the darkness of poverty.

Through the last one and a half years, I have been giving voice to people of little means.

This was inspired by my British friend Roger Haydon Mitchell. He also, after he had done a lot of reconciliationary work, has been working with giving the poor a voice.

This has tought me a lot about the darkness of lesser means. People, who are born in poverty, abuse and have no hope.

This is where, I believe, that Change and Hope has an impact to make.

And it is, honestly, also our responsibility to care for those who has nothing.

One of the cases, that I have been working on, goes all the way to the humans right council. Here we can actually do something, because the reason why so many people are not heard, is because, they are left without any true support in terms of law.

Human rights is something we did, so we should be careful, that it actually still is in place for those who needs it.

Maybe this case of mine, will do some good, and shed light on the abysmal problems that many with lesser means are sitting in.

Coming from a world with everything, seeing the world of those with lesser means, through their own eyes, has really made me understand, that there are corners of this world, that is full of suffering and hopelessness. Maybe trying to give them ray of light and hope, is a task worth doing.

G-d bless the will to do good and bring light into the corners of the world, that really, really needs it.

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Ok, there is an increase in taxing the rich. This is, essentially what you call progressive tax.

That is fine, you need to see this, as an attempt at levelling the playing field, so that we get more money in, to make it easier for poor people to also live.

But, I think you have to set this in contrast to the dialogue and shared work worker and business do together.

The difference between communism and socialdemocratism, is exactly the last bit. Democracy.

Working things out in dialogue, making it so, that there is a core of understanding.

Here in Aalborg, there is the big production plant, that is honestly polluting a lot, but it creates a lot of work, and is the pride of the city.

So we don’t close it down.

You know we are pragmatic in that area.

Working together with the industry, to make things work essentially.

G-d bless the will to do good in a world, where dialogue is very important.

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One of the things, that Obama was really keen on, in the aftermath of his presidency, was to talk about unity.

This is really important, I think, because this world is wrought with strife and disagreement.

It comes from social media, all the things that social media is bringing us, is not only good. Debate is off cause the lifeblood of any democracy, but when it gets to be open strife and lack of agreement, it goes the other way.

This is not to say, that there are some ideas of the conservatives that are not good. I have been a proponent of reaching across the aisle, and trying to show that politics can function.

But at the heart of the matter, it is all about understanding the trends of time, and meeting these trends with a good answer.

That is really the difficult thing of todays political life.

But finding that balance between left and right of politics, is the Center strategy.

Add to this, it goes hand in hand with some beautiful ideas of spirit, so it is a more profound path that just a superficial policy only.

G-d bless the unity we can find.

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The economy

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Ok Joe, first of all, well done with the Hawaii catastrophe, that is good, that you are on that ball, really important.

And then, as I see what we are doing now, is to strengthen the policies you have already, we are not out there to invent something new. BUT, and that is really, really important, need to defend what we are doing.

People are a bit critical to the whole economic discussion the “Bidennomics” that is essentially Trier nomics, in the sense, that I develop a lot of the basic concepts of the economical system. Ok it is not about the fame, I don’t care about that, but it is a very important thing to defend, now when people are criticising it.

First of all, I get it, the inflation is real. It is happening, due to overspending on the federal and state level. Inflation is essentially an extra tax.

Add to this, the fact, that the dollar has been a reserve currency for most of the world, and the rest of the world is moving away from that, the dollar is in trouble.

That is the challenge we face, it has been the challenge all along, since the days of you me and Barack.

What do you do, to counter this threat?

You make sure, that the money you make is inherently unrelated to the world. You make your OWN money.

How do you do that, by making things, in America.

See the strategy?

Yes, the days of the dollar being reserve currency for the world is getting to an end, it had to happen sooner or later. The wise thing to do, is to prepare for that day, and that is exactly what we have been doing.

So yes, it is right, that the dollar is in trouble, and inflation is the result of this trouble. But instead of harping the downfall of the might of the great dollar, we need to get to work, and find that new frontier, og making things work.

Working for at better day, finding a way out of the mess.

It is a mess, and we didn’t invent it, but we are here to solve those problems, and that is the crux of matter.

Bidenomics or Obamanonics, is a preventive struggle against an economy that is tanking. That is the truth.

So there may be a lot of naysayers and criticism.

But we have been fighting this problem for ten years.

Trump as well.

G-d bless the will to do good things, when the country is in trouble.

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The dream

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I have been debating a lot with myself on how to talk about the idea of enlightenment. I know, that a lot of the other humanists are reaching out, and we are in agreement with everything off cause.

But, and this is where things need to Change, if we are to get going again talking about making a world that is abundant and can make peoples dreams come to fruition.

What is really the aim of someone, who believe in the roots of our civilisation coming from Egypt and Mesopotamia?

Is it a Spartan world (communism) or is it a classical Egyptian world?

This is really the root of the question. In the other renaissances, we have been able to find bits and pieces of the way things were run in the world of Babylon, Egypt and Ur.

This renaissance, my contribution has been to try and find the roots of the ideas.

In a funny way, it is actually a repetition of some of the ones, that came before me. I mean, the answer has been found before, and it is possible to find again.

What was the initial idea of the US? The idea the first pilgrims came with, was to make a new Israel in America.

That is why the current Israel is so much an American project.

What was the reasoning behind that idea, that the first pilgrims had so long ago?

Well, it is really a really beautiful project, if you understand it.

Eden or Eridu, the “first” city of the Mesopotamian city states was held in high regard, because the thinking was, that all of the ideas, that were part of the civilisation of the classical world, was made and exemplified there. That is religion, politics, science, law, banking. All that is the very frame of our society today. You may not think about it, but the system you are living in, is INVENTED in Eden, so to speak.

The aim of Israel is to take all these principles, and perfect them. If you do that, you will make a paradise. At least, that was the idea.

It kind of culminated in the 50’ies, that was a time, where everything was in balance.

From there on, it went downhill, why? Because of cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxism, beautiful as it may be, is not into ancient city states of Mesopotamia or the very idea about civilisation. It is all about the fight between democracy and nazism.

What is the remedy to our current predicament? It is to get back to basics, and find that initial fire for the people of the ancient city state of Mesopotamia. And realise it, once more.

That is the cure.

G-d bless the will to follow in the footstep of the first settlers of United States of America.

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The EU

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I am really sorry for the lack of help, that I can or rather cannot do, to the European Union.

The reason is, that every time, that you guys reach out. I am hammered back to a state of not being able to help you.

I have been under a lot of pressure lately, still am.

Hopefully, this goes away in a few weeks, and we can continue the good progress we have been doing on the green energy area, especially wind mills and hydrogen production.

It is pretty interesting, and we are really getting somewhere. But since, I am really under a huge amount of pressure, and the country is really in trouble, I am not able to do much.

But, hopefully I can get onto the track again soon.

We will have to see.

G-d bless the will to do good in a world full of opportunities.

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Well, there is a whole lot of discussion on the waning American economy. I have, as one of the things, that I have tried to help the Americans with, given the US a new idea on how to make America actually wealthy.

It is really quite simple, when you understand the mechanics of economy.

What is economy really? Economy is a Greek word, and it means household. The idea being, that the fiscal matters of a polis (in the time of the Ancient Greek, they did not have nations, but city states, Athens, Sparta and so on) were like the workings of a house.

Hence economy meaning, household.

If you look at it from that perspective, it gets a bit more easy to understand. Because as in any household, you need to figure out, how to make ends meet.

This comes down to production, because if pops brings home a few dollars, then we can actually buy things at the market. So we need to get pops a job.

How do we do that? We do it by building factories, that produces things, like stools, food, jewellery and so on.

But, and this is where it gets a little difficult, you can borrow money, if you are not able to make ends meet. This is, what we have been doing for some time, to make the military run.

The military is, by far, the most expensive part of any nation. So you need to make ends meet, by not borrowing money, and make money instead, yourself.

The problem for the US right now is, that we have outsourced so much of our production, that we are getting really poor. There is the influence, the US has around the world, but that rests on a strong military.

See the catch? If we do not have a strong military, then we cannot protect the people, that essentially pays for the power play we are playing.

So, at the end of the day, making America great again, is all about the money. The safest way to make things in terms of money, is by securing the production in your own backyard.

That is what we have been fighting for, the last ten years, and it is actually working. Just imagine, if we have had the current economical crisis, and all our things were made in China?

This would have been the end of the might of the US. But as it is, we are in danger, but not so much, that we will actually loose everything. It is still very much within the range of changing things around. China is actually showing signs of fatigue, and our pressure is showing.

If we enter into a fight around Taiwan, things may actually end up in our side. We will win, if we play our cards right. Chinas production capacity is concentrated in a few areas, and some well placed bombs, will end the dominion of China. It is as simple as that.

Ramping up the fight is difficult for China, but they are in it, and they know it may end up in a real fight.

Ukraine is still not really decided, but Russians are a different ball game that China, they are incredibly tough, China is, traditionally not tough. But we will have to see, where it ends.

But bringing back the production to the US, has been an astounding success.

It will all play out in the next few years. And I guess, that that new production power, will be the beginning of a another round of investment in ammunition.

G-d bless the will to do good in the realm of economy.

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Working for a better country

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Well, things are slowly shaping up in the election. It seems, that people have realised that what mr. Biden is doing, is giving people a shot at having a better living. So that is a good thing.

I know, that it is not said out loud, but the feeling voters get, is that the president is actually caring about their lives, and how they fare, and it is working. The economy is abundant, and there is a rebounding economy going around.

You could say, that this is not in the realm of amazing dreams. But most Americans right now do not need unrealistic dreams, they need something to eat, and at the end of day, that is what the dream is all about. Having a life, that is working, being able to pay the bills, and maybe even saving a penny for a rainy day.

Adressing the economy, and making it work, is the key to this development. When people have opportunities, you give them a ticket. That ticket is all that is really asked for. Most people do not like to be controlled, they like to be able to provide for themselves, and being proud of the life they have made themselves.

There are those, who are not into the hard work of an average American, and there are people who thrive on unhealthy things like stealing and so on. But the average American is a hardworking, healthy individual, who is proud of what they THEMSELVES have accomplished.

So that is what serving is about, it is about giving people the opportunity, to carve out a life for themselves.

It may sound a little boring, but most people really like boring, they like the stability of life, being able to plan for a better tomorrow.

So the focus on the basics and making the economy work, is really what is making things work. Make the manufacture work, and then the country works as a whole. And here I mean all manufacture, not just big scale. Fishing, farming, production of all kind is really important.

G-d bless the will to make a better United States of America.

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Divine justice

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To be a enlightener, is all about looking for the truth. One of the main ideas, that got to me, after having read the story about the unhappy farmer that stood before the judges of Egypt, was the fact, that even in the halls of justice, truth is the core of all there is.

If we do not respect truth as the basis upon which we judge things, then there is no light.

The light is the truth, and perhaps that little farmer was right, maybe the truth is the tool of divine justice.

G-d bless the will of the ancients, and may they be heard in this day and age.

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The voters

August 14th, 2023 No comments

Joe, sorry if I was a little too direct yesterday. You are doing great, I didn’t mean to sound annoying or anything. I am in a lot of trouble here in Denmark. The current government is harassing me a lot, so it stresses me.

So, I didnt mean to sound annoying.

Anyway, they can’t stop me from my interest in politics, and even though they seem hell bent on it right now, I will continue, to the best of my ability. They may not like independent voices like mine, but I mean, how are we to make it as a civilisation, if we are trying to take out those who are trying to make things work.

It does not make much sense to me, but I guess politics sometimes does not make much sense.

At the core of your presidency, I think, that there is one thing that is important.

Americans tend to be naturally conservative. It has something to do with the way the nation is built. All the rebels that came from Europe to found the country, were idealists, so this idealism has turned into a fondness for ethics, stability, good deeds and religion.

Being a Christian in the US is a boon, in Europe not.

So to win an election, you have to think of the little leaguers. Those are the ones, who make the country run, and they are the most plentiful.

They may not be the most fancy, with their lawn movers, saturday grill with friends and thanksgiving. But if you look at the core of what they are, they are a good lot. They prefer giving from taking, and helping where help is needed.

This core of good men and women, of all strands of life. Are the voters.

So if you want to win an election, you need to see that proud man, who has a job, to provide for his family.

And the wife as well, a good hearted, friendly woman, who likes to sell stuff at the local charity to help other people.

This is really what is the best in you, and you had it, originally, from us.

Yesterday, I was at a fair here in Denmark. Here in Northern Jutland, people are really into buying and selling things. So they meet at a fair, take all the stuff they are not using anymore, and sell it to other people. We are traders here in Jutland.

People enjoy going around talking to other people, kids are there, everybody makes a good deal.

This fair tradition is what people like. The simple things, where family are convened.

It is probably the same in the US. People like to have a good time at sunday, and do something with the family.

If you can somehow make that simple life a little easier, or somehow just promise, that there is a chance for people to continue that way of life. Everybody will love you. Because, usually politics doesn’t make mush sense to most citizens.

But who wouldn’t vote for a guy, who would promise, that tomorrow will be a little better than yesterday?

This ‘tomorrow’ is, for the most people, a simple satisfaction in having a stable and simple life.

See that reality for most people, and you will get at eye level with the voters.

G-d bless the will to be a good person in a positive and better world.

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The European Union

August 13th, 2023 No comments

Well, it seems to me, that the European Union wants to understand some of the possible development, that may lie in Changing the way the system prioritises the choices on its current path.

First of all, to me it seems, that the issue we need to discuss, is the BALANCE between the nation states, and the federal level.

What people need, is to live in a prosperous, safe, happy environment, that gives them and their families the ability to realise a good life.

This is not about the balance between nation and federal government for the citizens, it is about their daily life.

If it works, and the progress is in the right direction, everything is fine, and people are satisfied with the current system.

Discussing the balance between the nation state and the federal government is therefor pretty important, because some things work best on a national level, and some things work best at a federal level.

A good example is energy production. Making sure, that there is abundant energy for the businesses and homes in the EU, preferably of the renewable kind, is a good example of a project that is perfectly suitable for the federal level.

I am going to a meeting with the local party that I am a member of next week, and we can perhaps further the discussion on this issue.

G-d bless the will to be honest and swift in action.

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American Dream

August 13th, 2023 No comments

Well, the status for the current international development.

First of all, I sincerely believe, that we have to find a IDEOLOGICAL basis of the current presidential campaign. Economy is fine, and it is really important. But at the heart of the campaign, it is not about money, it is about the visions.

One thing both Kennedy and Obama got right, was the visionary side of the political development. Barack was trying the ‘Change’ the world, which I, as one, was and still is, and ardent supporter of.

Kennedy had his positive visions as well.

So on the Democratic part of the divide, we are at our best, if we shine with amazing ideas, and positive visions.

To hope, we need to change.

This time around with you Joe, you are not Barack, and have your own ideas and priorities.

First of all, in a way, it seems to me, that you are in way a bit more traditional. You are a union guy, and not a absolutist liberal. You like the military, and respect the family, religion as a constructive force in this world.

Union guys are very much into making ends meet, and making sure, that there is a job for the next generation of skilled craftsmen.

Looking a little deeper into that cup, it seems to me, that there is a deeper level, that is truly visionary.

Why is it, that it is so important to give that proud worker a good job? Well, it is because, he needs to provide for his family.

That is the American dream right there. A shot on a life in the suburbs and the happiness it gives a life, to be able to provide for a little family of a few sons and daughters. Going to the little leagues, and show your son how to swing a bat at your day off.

That is what a lot of people dream off. But to get there, you need an income, and the ability to provide to your family.

Joe, that is the vision, for a lot of what you are doing, to keep the American dream alive.

To do that, you need jobs, and to do that, you need the industrial flight to stop.

That is what it is all about, keeping that American dream alive.

It is also, to have all the other things. Have a good school system, give people a chance, and it is definitely not a race thing. Everybody deserves a shot at happiness.

G-d bless the will to be honest in speech, and fast in action.

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New paths

August 12th, 2023 No comments

All right, fresh out of the latest annoyances of the Danish state.

It seems to be the fact, that the state has decided to defund my TV station. It is not 100%, but the arrow points to that decision.

It has to do with my stance on Islam. The state has decided to, inadvertently to support the book burnings of Paludan, and stop the peace process.

Ok, this is off cause sad, in the eyes of the peaceproces, and to me, does not make much sense.

Anyway, the deciding factor, has been, probably, due to envy or something like that.

So, where it goes from now, I do not know, but peace from the Danish state on these issues are not really probable.

This has some consequences to my own life. First of all, I am going to, personally, try and support the peaceproces in the Middle East, and be a part of a global striving for peace and prosperity.

I am persecuted by the state here in Denmark, so it is difficult, to go up against the chaos that is emanating from the state, but I will do my best.

Also, it will mean, that I will have to make a living, that is not connected to the state. This I will be working on, for the next half a year. The EU seems to be interested in making something, and I will be glad to support this.

Probably, it will have something to do with the future of the EU. I have some ideas, and I hope, that I can push this agenda to a wiser and more successful conclusion.

It will also mean, that I am free to write whatever I want. For the last five to six months, I have been looked over my shoulder very, very aggressively.

But the freedom I have from not having to think about the state, and their plans and priorities, is actually a good thing.

This freedom I will use, to support the process in the US, we are heading into a election.

So Joe, in a strange way, this will give me the impetuous to work on the future of the US.

Maybe also on some of the more pressing issues of IT and how we make a world, that is good for people. There is the discussion on artificial intelligence, and there is Twitter. We have to further the discussion on these issues.

For the betterment of not only me and you, but for all on the planet.

So, I hope you are a bit more patient with me, it has been a pretty hard half a year, but I have plans, that will, hopefully, stabilise my life here.

Anyway, the freedom it gives me not to think about the state and their depraved priorities, is nice.

G-d bless the will to be honest in thought and good in action.

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August 5th, 2023 No comments

Mr. Barack Obama former president of the US has his birthday today, happy birthday mr. President.

Why is this so important in these days? Because in many ways the legacy of mr. Obama is under a lot of pressure. The idea, that we are one people, in the world, the mirage of unity and the direction towards peace.

But there are actually good signs. A lot of the peoples around the world still hang on to these ideals and ideas, not least in Saudi Arabia, where the peace negations are made to end the war in Ukraine.

Things Change. Sometimes, things change beyond our control, but the reality of the world today is, that we can choose ourselves, do we still step in the footsteps of that illustrious president of the US, or do we go down the path of mutual destruction?

I hope, that the example of peace will stand and maybe continue as we tread forward in this world.

G-d bless the will to be able to find peace.

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Israel high court

The Netanyahu government is trying to reform the current structure of the judiciary system. As a philosopher, this is right down my alley, so here are my reflections, so far. I will try to debate these issues, and you are more than welcome to invite me try and make a reform.

Let’s have a look at it.

First of all, high judges are supposed to have a conservative bend. They are the protectors of the system, and this means, that they are supposed to defend the constitution. At least, this was the case in the Spartan system, with the ephors, who were very powerful judges. Lycurgus purposely made it this way, the make sure, that the laws were followed by the Spartans, and the constitution most important of all.

Also, Plato sees the philosophers as a guarantee and defender of the state, in the sense, that we are supposed to enlighten the state, when it is morally corrupted. The truth will be the best defense against evil and corruption.

This also points to the fact, that the high judges are supposed to be much more than just lawyers, they are supposed to be true philosophers, understanding the tenets of natural law.

I think, that the conflict right now is two fold. First of all, the high judges are too liberal, this goes against the idea of high judges, that are supposed to be conservative.

Secondly, supporting the LGTB movement is, seen from a platonic point of view, pretty unwise.

It is not that I have anything against gays, not at all. But family is the bedrock of a sound society, and high judges are supposed to see it in this perspective.

So there is something wrong with the election process. We need to ensure, that the judges that end up as high judges meet these criteria as having a conservative bend and being wise.

Often these persons are not judges or layers, but philosophers. Just imagine having Kant or Buber as high judges, that would ensure the necessary skill set.

G-d bless the state of Israel.

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