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Zelenski. You want a compromise, fine. This includes you giving something, and Putin giving something.

I have hinted on the possibility of you remaining in power, at KEEPING a strong military precense in Ukraine. This is what Putin did not want. At the other hand, Ukraine needs to recognise the breakaway republics and the Crimea.

This will leave both parties with something that is actually worth each. AND it will make Ukraine independent from NATO. You can make your own future.

All this oratory, it serves no purpose. It is engaging, you are good at it. But, it is not about your speeches, it is about all those lives lost in the war. Each life lost is a father lost, a child lost, a friend lost.

So that is a realistic compromise, that you get your true independence, as will the breakaway republics. All are coming out with a partial win, which is a compromise.

Otherwise, what is your alternative?

G-d bless the lives of those lost in a war, that is terrible, but CAN find compromise.

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The hero

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Zelenski, listen. I have been a blazing hero once. When I started my work as a blogger and political philosopher, I shook the world. The dynamics was astounding, and I felt like riding a wave.

You know what happened. I ended in a corner, the system did all it could to shut me up, they still do, and I have tried to survive ever since.

And, in a way, I get it. Because blazing heroes end up making a lot of trouble for the world. So, the world will applause you, and try to steal some of your glory, but at the end of the day, most leaders are pretty pragmatic, and they do not want war. A little war perhaps, that can be controlled but Third World War, not a chance.

So, after realising this. I began to use my talent to create a better world, use diplomacy, strengthen the international trends towards peace and prosperity for all in the world.

So now my job is to make peace, and hopefully realise that in my lifetime.

Point is, in the heat of the moment, to be a hero is a beautiful thing, but it does not matter. What matters is to make a frame around the citizens of each country, that may give them peace and stability.

Now, what is the potential win of Ukraine, to still hold Donbass and Luhansk, is that is winning scenario?

Maybe it is, but at the end, it is up to the citizens of the rebel republics, not anybody else, they choose.

There is the most honour in giving up your own self to your people. That is the greatest honour, to sacrifice yourself in the interest of your people.

How to do that is up to you. Dont count on much support from outside, a little, but there will not be much, look at the interests.

The West has supported Ukraine in all ways that it could, but we are not into a Third World War.

That is the base line.

At the other hand, finding a peace, that will satisfy both Ukraine and Russia is the only way this conflict can end without loosing the honour of each country.

How do you make that deal? You do it, by sacrificing your own honour in the interest of your people. Your people needs to be safe, not win international honour.

This is the way of the hero, that has been through it all, and decided to find peace as an aim of ones project. Not a humiliating peace, but a peace, where Ukraine remains independent, with a strong army.

G-d bless the will to be at peace, but a honourful peace, and g-d bless the sacrifice that Zelensky is soon to make, may he live to be a hero.

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It is not so difficult to understand what to do in Ukraine, IF you see the development of the European continent in the light of European history.

We are all descendants of the great culture that inhabited the Mediterranean in the classical times. Philosophy deriving from Ancient Greece, Egypt and even further away I the Middle East. Illustrious civilisations as the Phoenician and Persian.

So, what we need to ask ourselves in relation to Ukraine is; what is it we strive for? Ukrainians descend from Denmark and Sweden. So essentially this country is a viking country, with the traditions of the democratic constitutions that was here a thousand years ago. So a sound democracy is necessary to meet the philosophical and constitutional needs of the Ukraine. It should be a free country. Free in the way of the government. Free in the sense of the individual sovereignity, and free in the making of a true democratic country.

BUT, and this is where Ukraine needs to be honest with itself. Will it be able to make these things work? A democratic constitution demands a high sense of personal integrity. Each man is a tower of honour, in a good democratic society. This means, that bureaucracy, needs to be honest.

If you finish the war, and end up in a system that is ripe with nepotism and dishonesty, the whole conflict would be for nothing.

You should use the valour you have fought with, to infuse the new state, with integrity. Use your experience for a positive development of your society.

Make it a young state again, free and honest.

In this way, maybe it will be a war fought for something worth while, something that will make a better nation, and sounder frame around the citizens of Ukraine.

In this way, maybe the peace you win, will make you able to be friends with Russia again.

G-d bless the will to seek understanding of what is the right and wrong in this conflict. G-d bless the will to peace in the end. G-d bless the understanding of each of us, as essentially good, and not bad. May peace descend on the wartorn country.

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The conflict in and around Ukraine has reached a climax. Either we start a really devastating war, or we find some kind of solution to the problem.

Seen in the light of the Second World War, this could lead to terrible mayhem, “peace in our time”, would be a word not remembered anymore.

But, if we see through our own needs, and look for a true compromise, that may give each part a victory on political priorities, that is important to each part of the conflict, we may be able to attain peace.

First of all, what is it that Ukraine really want. Have you thought about that? Is it independence, self satisfaction, justice, equality. What is it you want. If you are able to formulate that, in a difficult situation, with bombs flying around your ears, we can start the negotiation.

Secondly, how do we attain these goals. We do it, by making a sound plan, for the betterment of BOTH Ukraine as well as Russia.

It has to be a balanced peace deal. Not a deal, that one part feels more above the other. Harmony comes from equality.

Finding that equal terms, for both parties, is the only way to find peace in our time.

G-d bless the will to make peace, and stop the suffering.

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Bring peace

Ok, so I have given some thought to the role Israel might play in the current conflict between Putin and Zelenski.

First of all, be carefull. Going into the conflict will risk the political capital of not only Israel but Jews in general. If it goes sideways, all Jews will pay, and it can potentially undermine Israels current role as a relatively neutral part that Israel has in the Middle East.

At the other hand, Israel CAN win some international political capital, IF we are able to fulfil the promise of Israel, and that is to BRING PEACE.

As of now, the UN does not play a role in international peacekeeping anymore, essentially has taken over the role of the UN, crazy as it sounds.

This is something that Israel can play a role in. Because it is absolutely absurd for a one little nerdy blogger to be able to make peace in all corners off the world. I can do somethings, but as of now, I am in a lot of fights here in Denmark, where the police is trying to shut me up, again, and my ressources are truly few. I have to put food on the table for me and my kids, so doing international peacekeeping is a hobby for me. That is a very shaky foundation to put the health of milions of people in.

Danes don’t get it, and they keep on harassing me, so that is my life and reality.

A pretty obvious step to take to strengthen the international clout of Israel would be to make a virtual office for me in Israel. Let Israel be the player that may underpin my efforts to make peace in the world.

This could, potentially, give me a more stable situation, and Israel a lot more clout in the international game.

And yes, it will realise the aim of both zionism and Israel, to be the light upon the nations.

I know, that this is a big and scary step for Israel, to really get involved. But Israel is what it is, the light upon the nations, and only if it realises this aim of its ideology, will it have a chance for survival in the long run. Right now, I do this in practise, and if Israel combines its purpose with the actual work I do, Israel will have a chance to survive in the long run. Making it a permanent house for all jews.

G-d bless the chance we have, to make Israel the light upon the nations, and may we realise this in our time.

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The Ukraine conflict has become both extremely honourful for Ukraine, and at the same time shows the ambiguity of the Western alliance.

I have, from the start, called for diplomacy, but I understand, that the Ukrainian people and leadership fight for their freedom.

I hope, that, somehow, peace will come. The price in human cost is mounting, and those fathers not coming back from war, will never be replaced.

So, full respect for the Ukrainians, they have deserved the honour and respect from the world, as they have won. With that, also support in many, many forms.

The question remains, should the west enter the conflict? Well, we have entered already. But we have, so far, left out direct involvement. Especially air support is needed by the Ukrainians, and honestly, if there was something we SHOULD give the Ukrainians, it should be air support.

At the other hand, we have in the the West, become united for a cause, that is a new normal. The beautiful thing about it, is the fact, that it calls to the best in ourselves. Unity, freedom, solidarity. What we are, when we are at our best.

We should remember this lesson, and build on that. No more control of the population, just be ourselves, and invest in that vibe of French/American revolution.

Investment calls for more arms. I mean, it should be pretty clear, that we need to be able to defend ourselves.

Also it calls for a focus on independence in terms of energy consumption.

We need to able to make our own energy.

Combine this with an investment in green tech, we can actually use this terror, to propel ourselves in a positive direction.

We need to get the power to x system up and running. And build energy production, that can fuel our economies.

It will take a little while, but we are getting there. With the right kind of attention, in ten, twenty years, we will be independent in terms of energy production.

To explain. The new power to X tech, can take any electrical energy source, and make any kind of fuel. Fuel for sailing, driving and making things in industry. You can take atomic energy, windmills, solar panel created energy, and make it into fuel.

We also need to be honest about the threat of internal infiltration of islamists. Still a problem at large in most of Western Europe, and we NEED to face it.

So, if we use this kick in the behind in a constructive way, we can propel ourselves out of the quagmire. We need to be independent in terms of energy, and we need to be much, much stronger in terms of military prowess.

It will cost us, but it is necessary.

G-d bless the will to look things squarely in the eyes, and act for liberty, humanity and brotherhood.

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So the world has changed again, in a sense. The old world order, where everthing was a cat and mouse game has finished, and we are again in a situation, where war is the effect of politics.

This has, on one side, become a much more transparent and easy world to navigate in, at the other hand, the violence and destruction is truly abhorrent. People dying, homes lost, pain and suffering.

At the other hand, we know who are friends are and who our enemies are.

The conflict in Ukraine is ultimately my responsibility. I started it ten years ago, by vilifying the danish system. Well, it is correct, they are still at it, the bastards. Trying to kill my wife, using all kinds of strategies to stop me from writing and so on.

But, the effect of me going ballistic on my blogs are too severe for me to do so, so I don’t.

But, and this is where I really want to share my thoughts, is it really so important to be in the centre? Isn’t it better to leave the world a better place, than what it was when you got into it?

And if making a better world is important, what is then the better option?

In Ukraine, Donbass and Lugansk. The better option is for brother to live side by side with brother in peace. How do we obtain this good? We do it by defining clear borders. Make a vote. If Donbass and Luhansk wants to be a part of Russia, fine, all is within the legal framework of international law. If they don’t, then leave them. The same with Ukraine, they obviously don’t want to be a part of Russia, then leave them to that decision.

The pain and the hurt, is due to the dedication of two peoples wanting to have a territorial integrity. They want to be masters of their own house. Well, let them.

I know, that Ukraine is slipping into the EU. But, I mean, the EU is much more awful place than the Soviet communistic world. It has become a cultural marxist hell.

It is much better for Russia to be Russia, to be a place of pride in itself, with plenty of young people feeling pride for their cultural heritage and nation. The same is with Ukraine. A place of wise vikings, making that bid for freedom.

Dont believe, that the EU will come and save you, they won’t, they are too corrupted. What you need to do, is to make your own sovereignty.

Be masters of your own house, and make peace with the countries around you. Be independent. Through this independence, you can develop your own way in life.

G-d bless the peace, we can find, if we are truly honest to what we are, brothers now in a senseless war. G-d bless Ukraine and Russia, and may these mighty and good nations both find peace. G-d bless the will to understand the fate of the nations of the East. G-d bless the will to talk to one another and make dialogue.

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The course of peace

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Ok, now the dialogue has begun, that is, truly, a good thing. Thank you Anthony for calling mr. Lavrov, this may just be the beginning of at least some kind of understanding. Thank mr. Macron for reaching out to mr. Putin, this may also give the peaceplan a chance.

But, one thing is to discuss the issues, another thing is to solve the issues.

First of all, what it truly comes down to, is the conflict between people of Ukraine against people of Russia, especially in the Donetsk and Luhansk provinces.

So the talks need to adress a permanent solution to the difficulties in these areas. How do we find a solution?

It will have to be some kind of territorial solution. Because people who have been to war, cannot live side be side the day after. So, to be realistic, you need to make a solution where each people have their own land.

How to do this, is really the central discussion, and we have to face it as well as put it on the table. Finding some kind of fair deal is the only possible endresult of these negotiations, if they are to suceed.

But, if they suceed, they might bring peace.

It has to be fair though, and that is the difficulty of the negotiations.

At the end the day, we may just win peace, and that would be preferable to all parties involved. This conflict has continued for too long, people are suffering, and if possible, a serious, fair and good solution acceptable for both parties, should be the product of these negotiations.

G-d bless the will to make peace.

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Well, thinking about the Russians, one has to UNDERSTAND them to really make a deal with them.

Who are the Russians really?

Well, as the Americans, they are hard-nosed frontiersmen. When the Rus came to what is today Ukraine, they came with the joy of Scandinavian culture. Put up a Thing, and enjoyed the festive markets that we vikings enjoy.

But living at the fringe of European culture soon meant that Ukraine was invaded by Mongols who destroyed the beautiful cities that the Rus built. So the Rus had to pick themselves up by the bootstrap, and adapt to the difficult situation. And they did, they started wandering East, making the greatest country in the world in the process. Russia.

Russia is immense, it never ends. It has places people never go.

This hard-nosed people that ended at the pacific in their fights has NEVER forgotten their roots, but often feel forgotten by us. So they feel left in a place with few roots to drink from.

The beauty and joy of their ancestors is all but forgotten. So the plow on, survive in their own strong way.

Then, when we vilify the Russians, they feel left alone again, not understood.

At the other hand, they, even though they do not say it, really like some aspects of American culture. ESPECIALLY the vigilante, cow boy culture. The sixshooter lone rider. Putin is supposedly a great fan of Steven Seagal, why? Because the hard nosed kossack culture they themselves are heir to, is in many ways the same as the Americans.

Now Russia is older that the US. So, they have an older and bit more refined culture. Dostoyevsky, their own platonic church, the byzantine church, and Tolstoi. I like Tolstoi, he is a deep thinker.

So, a plan that may bring peace, should reflect these cultures. Make it a cowboy plan, a Steven Seagal plan, brazen, true, honest, American as well as Russian.

See, you may not like each other much, but at the end of the day, culturally, the difference is not so large or great. The likeness is very much the same.

It takes a Dane to see this, because we are in the middle, but you should actually find much more peace in understanding each other, than just not liking each other.

Russians are not materialist communist anymore. They have found their own roots in many ways, and the roots are beautiful.

It comes from that Thing, a place where the ancients met as equals, and maybe that is a place to meet again.

G-d bless the will to find peace again.

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February 17th, 2022 No comments

Now, at the time of the Obama administration, Obama and I did a lot of warring together. In the beginning with very little success. The Arab spring was, in general, a failure. There are still pockets of beautiful democracies, and liberty in the Arab world. But we overthrew states, that never really became whole again. That was a great mistake.

After that, we started being more focused, and more diplomatic.

That started to work. We made the peace in the Middle East, that is actually still holding. We started to fight Islamic state, by chopping of the heads of the snake. That worked too.

So, based on these successes, that really put the US as the leader of the world, what can we say about the current situation in Ukraine?

Well, first of all. Diplomacy is ALWAYS preferable over war.

Diplomacy needs a power base to work. I mean, as one my predecessors used to say, talk with a soft voice, but walk with a great stick.

So in terms of the Ukranie conflict. Off cause we need to be present militarily, but the aim of the conflict, should be peace. Some kind of accord, that makes the situation in Ukraine stable and to the benefit of that old and ancient descendants of my own descendants. The Rus.

How to accomplish that, is by making plans. Come up with at peaceplan, have good ideas on how to solve the situation in Ukraine, and especially Donetsk and Luhansk, the provinces that want to be a part of Russia, for a great part, at least.

Let me let you in on a secret, I realized in my service to Barack. The MOST effective tool in your toolbox of war is appraisal.

What happens when people fight, is that they picture their enemies as evil and vile.

If that enemy, all of a sudden, show respect for you, and shows, that he understands who you are, then the picture of you in his mind, will soften.

That is what it is. War is people becoming angry at each other, and painting their enemies as evil.

Few people are truly evil. A lot of people believe lies, that is true, but that does not make them evil.

Russians are not evil, they are a warm and strong people, that we often vilify.

Besides, a liberal perspective in this world, is a perspective of peace, right?

That was what the Vietnam war was all about, not fighting wars with no meaning.

The trouble we have with China is due to geopolitical reasons. Chinese are not evil, they are a good people. But they threaten our sovereignty.

So, diplomacy is all about UNDERSTANDING the world, and trying to make solutions, to the best of our abilities.

Now, maybe this mindset, the Obama mindset, will help you in the current situation. And just maybe we can avoid a senseless war.

That has always been a Democratic number one priority. I should still be so, to my mind. We bring peace, not war.

G-d bless the will to find peace in a VERY difficult situation.

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The third world war

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The world is heading for the Third World War. The trouble in Ukraine, will, if we do not stop it, turn into a real war with guns, helicopters, tanks and ships colliding.

At the same time, these wars will turn into mayhem and destruction in the West, especially in Central Europe because the islamist insurgency is all but waiting for their chance. Here in Scandinavia, it was a hairsbreadth away from an islamist take over under the Covid 19 crisis.

In other words, we are weak in Europe, and do not have the manpower or fighting spirit to fight world war three. On the contrary, we risk a massive recalibration of the European mainland, and a great part of Europe to fall to islamists.

Now, in the last two decades, our enemies have grown much stronger. China is strong, and Russia is getting fit. To me Russia is a vital part of European culture. Russian descend from Swedes and Danes migrating to Ukraine.

Through vicious fights with mongols, and Japanese, Russia was built. But at the core, Russia is still a Scandinavian heritage. We appraise that in Denmark, and have had many connections to Russia through the time, not least with the Tzars and Tzarinas. Valdemar, the founder of the royal house of Denmark was a brother to the Rus, Valdemar is the Danish version of Vladimir.

Anyway, there is plenty of historical tradition to bind Europe together. At the same time, the English was a part of the same world. The royal house of the Brits derive from those same raiders, that hit the shores of the English.

We can choose to remember our shared history, or choose to see all the negative in each other.

The choice is our own. But we should remember, that what we are dealing with is a war that will reorder european mainland, and make countless of citizens suffer.

Are we ready to see that suffering as a consequence of our own actions?

That is really what we need to ask ourselves. Because as the commotion is started, it will not stop again.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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The future

January 23rd, 2022 No comments

We are truly moving away from the Obama doctrine, that Barack and I made under his presidentship. Why? I guess conservatism reflects liberalism, and right now, we are reentering at very strict cultural marxist trend in the European mainland. Specifically in Germany and Sweden.

France is still very pro the Democratic/antiislamist ideas that was the heart of our tenure, and the UK is kind of wobbly.

This will create a devastating dynamics, that may end in a war with Russia and China. A war that Germany cannot win by itself. Just saying, and Sweden neither.

So perhaps you may want to think a little bit about what road to take. The cultural marxist ideas are kind of running out. It will destroy Sweden, and it will destroy Germany.

But the rest of Europe will have to make new alliances, and try to remake the continent in some kind of form.

Politics is like a pendulum, it swings from right to left, and will do that eternally, UNLESS, the state collapses, then it is a whole new ballgame.

Russia is not our enemy. It can be, if we push Russia too far, but as it is now, it is only defending itself. WE are the aggressors, and we have no armies.

That is a very difficult process to maintain.

Hopefully Trierism will win the day eventually. That is a conservative, middle leaning political position, that tries to reach bot ways. But right now, we are torn between the extremes of politics, and it is ripping the continent asunder.

The US cannot do anything right now, but be careful not to alienate Russia more that it has already been alienated. We risk creating a new Cold War, and honestly we ourselves are not at our best. We need to focus on the competition with China, that is the real threat.

We will see, but I fear the worst; revolutions, state collapses, general mayhem, as always in Europe.

G-d bless the will to find a balanced peace in the world.

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Human/computer ethics

January 10th, 2022 No comments

So, as I have discussed before on the blog, the tech community needs to understand its role in history.

I mean, AR headsets, augmented reality, bitcoin all these new tech tools are, in themselves amazing. The meta verse and all that, BUT if we do not see ourselves in the long history of tech, we end up making mistakes. Like that of using too much electricity to make bitcoin and crypto in general, loosing sight of open source, it is only through the marriage between tech and ethics that we can succeed.

We Change the world, but if we do it without thinking about what the consequences are, we end up destroying the societies and the world. I mean to be honest doesn’t Facebook and many of the social media platforms feel like prisons?

So we have created platforms that people should conform to, and does not conform to people. How is that a good idea. I mean wasn’t computer/human interactions sciences, that I did my thesis on, supposed to make tech conform to human needs and not the other way around?

If we loose the sight of the human in the process, we will make systems, that destroys society.

I know, that I have been in the rails for the last 1 1/2 year, due to my circumstances, but the point, that tech needs to follow humans, and not the other way around, is still valid.

We need to understand, that what built great companies as Apple and Facebook, was the attempt to subdue tech, and make the human rule. HUMAC, remember.

Now when Steve is not here anymore, we are left to our own devises, and we need step up, otherwise people will get fed up with us, and start regulating here and there.

We need to remember, Human/computer interaction, with the total respect of the human. Make it easier to be a human, not create prisons for the human, but set them free, make them happy.

That is what computerscience is about, seen from an ethical perspective. We need to hold on to that, hold on to our virtues.

G-d bless the will to be fast in developing, but steadfast in application of computer ethics.

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The connection

January 9th, 2022 No comments

Joe, listen, I am not a true, rich opinionator of an international statue, I am just a poor guy living in Denmark, with a host of problems around my neck.

The police is after me, my ex. is a terrible problem and so on and so forth. I am friend, right, not much of a friend, but still your loyal friend. But don’t expect me to save you, in the state I am in.

I am locked up in Denmark, like in a prison. But you can bail me out, if you want.

All you have to do, is offer me a job somewhere, where it somehow fits my current life situation.

I can’t go and live in the States, even though I would love to do just that, but my kids are 4 and 9. I can’t move them around, and my ex. would go bananas, that’s the truth of it.

But I mean, give me a job at the embassy as some kind liaison, give me a low paying, insignificant job in your administation, that would allow me to go to the States once in a while and talk with you about all the host of issues that you are facing.

I am not saying this because I want a job, I have some of kind job, that I like. But the truth is, I am getting pulled down by the things I have to do here in Denmark, and it is difficult to find the ressources to keep up with the American agenda. I try the best I can. But when you are in a fierce battle between this environment group against the other, and you are part of the whole debacle, keeping up with what you are doing is really difficult. The brits are doing it in a nice way, inviting me to Oxford, making some kind of connection, that is all that is required. You do not need to come here, I will come to you, you are my friend. But I have to have some kind of connection.

Please Joe, for America, and the potential benefits I can give you, make that connection. Not in a fanciful way, just simple and yet effective. It does not have to be prestigious, just something that would work.

G-d bless the will to reach out and help your friends.

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The Open world

January 2nd, 2022 No comments

When we talk about the internet, we still need to understand what it is all about, in order to plot a course ahead.

The internet is the realisation of the Danish physicist Niels Bohrs attempt at making an open world. It is still formulated into ideas as open source, blockchains, that is based on open software, the whole Google suit of software is reflected by the idea. Many software companies still hold on to open source as a driving idea.

But, in this, where most software engineers have not understood much of what is going on, there is stil a mission in the software community, that most have lost sight of.

Mr. Niels Bohr wanted to make an open world, to bolster the Democratic idea. He believed, that dialogue and understanding would lead to peace.

Now we in this time of the world are here to make that happen. After a line of 70 years of innovation, we have finally come to a point, where mr. Bohrs ideas are possible to become fruitful. An honestly, due to greed, self-interest and lack of understanding, we do the absolute opposite. We think about what we can gain ourselves, and not about how we can make the world a better place. Mr. Niels Bohr was a Jew from the maternal side, he carried the torch of light and humanity to the next generation. Who are we to dim the light of that torch, just because we have no real interest in the betterment of the world?

There are multiple good things to say about the internet, and there is a lot of money to make, but it is based on the idea, that a more open world would lead to peace. If we forget that, then not only do we lose the grip of that torch of humanity, also, we will cut the link to our predecessors.

Money is not really relevant, if we are not in great need of using it, money is only relevant for the most basic needs, as well as making us able to help those in need.

But, and this is the principle we still need to remember, the open world, that mr. Bohr tried to create, is what makes Democracy real.

G-d bless the open world, lest us not forget our predecessors and their quest for human interaction as something viable and beautiful. G-d bless his memory, and may he make peace with his ideas.

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