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When you want to Change the World, it is difficult, people react in different ways based on their world view. In the old world, Change is riddled with violence and destruction. If you want to Change something, you can be sure, that you get the entire system on your back. They will kill you parents, destroy your family, and steal your money, just to shut you up. Destruction seems to be the only answer to Change. They do not want to Change, well yes on a superficial level, but truly making a better world is definitely not in the books.

In the New world things are different, here Change is welcomed, and truly celebrated. Especially in the US, things Change according to a beautiful plan, idealism and faith in a dream of a world where we are actually happy remains as a strong drive for a better world. I mean, all my predecessors here from Europe either died here, og escaped to the US. So no wonder it is such an idealistic country. The US is s country made by rebels to rebels.

But the world has actually changed lately due to the development of the Internet, for a blink of an eye, the world opened up due to the faithfullness of the open soruce programmers, but is now closing down again.

That blink of an eye, where mr. Niels Bohrs idea of a an Open world was truly realized, is what we are still hoping for. Will good prevail, or will we enter another phase of closing things up, outruling the ability for people to reach each other in openness?

That is the way of the world, good and bad, hope and despair changes.

But as there is despair, there is also hope, and hope is what I and many are rooting for.

G-d bless the will to be hopefull in a world of despair.

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When we talk about the consolidation of the Western Hemisphere, we need to understand what we come from, and then what we can mend and consolidate.

To do this, we need to understand other examples of conquest, empires and successes in that area.

To be really honest about the difficulties we see in regards to the English empire, we need to understand what was good about it, and what was bad.

The good thing about the English empire was the democratic system, that the Brits brought with them everywhere. It was a oxfordian discussion on how to make a good system in each colony that brought these ideas around the world. If we look at the world, it is still there, almost everywhere. In Africa, in Asia and in America. Why? Because people in these countries really like the system. It is not perfect, but whenever people try something different, it fails, and often with a considerable tragedy in terms of human suffering.

Add to this, the same system brought by the French, and Democracy as an idea is a sweeping success.

But, and this is where we need to be honest, there were other players in the colonial expansion; that of the banks and that of the colonial masters. The banks used their processes to rein in the power of the countries and the colonial masters were often cruel.

In this world, if you do something cruel, it comes back and you have to pay a price for it.

This is why we are seeing a degrading of the British empire into a sorry state, to be honest.

What we need to do, and this is something the Russians have been doing with great success, is to sponsor the positive sides of our culture, and thereby create a common wealth with unity in it.

The Russians all have a common Russian identity, based on the virtues of the Russian state. It works, today Russia is even bigger than the British empire, and there are no rebellion or anything.

The Russian expansion is off cause much older than the British, and has had more time to find a balance, but we can actually learn from that success. The way they did it, is by finding a positive common system that all can identify with.

The same process is what we are working on with the British empire. Find the positive common principles, that all of the former colonies like.

Thereby creating peace.

It struck me, when I talked with the Pakistani scholar at Oxford. He wanted some kind of Islamic state, but he truly recognized the values and virtue of a humanistic, democratic state, as Pakistan has today. But it has to be something that actually works for the people of Pakistan.

In this way, if we stay on course, and work on a positive, realistic common set of ideas, that all share, that has been a British colony, we can bring peace and prosperity for all.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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Now, I am very much against the whole race discourse.

Why? Well, essentially the system or idea about race, takes away any personal freedom the individual has, and judges people by something he or she cannot change, the color of his skin.

That is taking all possibility of making your own life, and make something out of your life based on your abilities.

But at a more profound level, I vehemently oppose the idea of race, because it was a part of the colonial control system. Just as when the banks controlled the colonies by giving them loans, the inhabitants of the colonies were treated as subhumans based on their skin color.

It put the white man at the top of the food chain and the black man at the bottom of the food chain.

So, when you continue banging that drum of race, all you do is to repeat the control system, in a new way.

Giving people of color preference in the system, is just turning the control system upside down.

This does not mean, that we should not help poor people, but they should not be judged by the color of their skin, but on what they do.

The US has ALREADY changed its mind on race, the independence wars was about race, because it essentially was against the colonial control system. The founding fathers wanted to build a nation without regard to race, thereby giving the people freedom.

To be honest, and I say this as a man color, because I am not white, the founding fathers came up with a system, that gives people the opportunity to be free, and find their own way in life.

They dreamed about a perfect society for everybody, white, black, everybody. A place where people were NOT judged by the color of their skin, but by the actions they do.

I stand for that dream, as it is mine.

So that is what I have fought for, my whole life, and I am not about to change that attitude, whatever you think. I will not accept that my little brown daughter is different from my little white daughter. Just because they have different skin color.

It is a vicious idea, and the very idea is what is wrong to me.

G-d bless the will to see the world as a place, where we can be judged by the actions we do, and not the color of our skin.

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The new colonial masters

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Now listen. We are up against China, whether we like it or not. It is like that. What we can do however, is to choose ourselves how we tackle the challenge.

What we need to do, is to be brutally honest to ourselves about the challenge. How have we been faring so far, and then what do we need to do to solve the challenge.

If we look at history, we haven’t even been able to decipher what is going on, so we need to get that down as a starter.

What is going on, is that China has taken the role of the colonizer from the English Crown. The systems and methods that the Brits used until Second World War, has been replicated by the Chinese. They use the banks to enslave the colonies, and suck their ressources.

This is not the criticize the brits, but to understand what the Chinese are doing. They simply filled the void that the brits left, as the grew weak in competition with the Americans.

The Americans would never use the same methods as the brits, because they themselves have tasted the sharp end of the colonial whip, and refuse to use the same methods. However this leaves a void, that the Chinese, with an acute willingness filled.

So, when you think of it, how do the Chinese treat the West, do they do this by trying to use the banks to enslave them?

Wake up guys, the Chinese are only lending all the money the do to try and enslave the West, there will be a time, when they want the money back, with interests, and we have to pay them back in ressources.

They are, effectively using our own methods on us.

That is why it is so important to try and get the books to balance again, and spend only what we make, not the other way around.

At the end of the day, what hinders the Chinese to really try and put us down, is our military, that they are effectively sponsering themselves, by giving us so much loans.

But as soon as that balance is shifting in the favor of the Chinese, this will not hinder them in taking our ressources, as they are doing with all the other colonies that they are acquiring around the globe.

That is the scale of the terrifying challenge, if we do not take this on in a decisive manner, once more America will be a colony.

And I know that that is not an option for the freedom lovers of a former colony.

So you guys need to be serious about this, tighten the belt, and start producing wealth based on your own skills. It can be done, but it will require severing the ties with China in terms of economic cooperation. Corporate America must understand the severity of the situation, and start making things in the US.

Made in America is more than just a election trope, it is a strategy to keep the US independent, in the end it is THE most freedom loving action American business can do, because it effectively hinders the acquiring of the US as a colony of China.

Look at China it pulled itself up by its shoestrings, we can do the same, if we start gettting serious about this challenge.

But we need to be serious in order to stop the colonial machinators in the deep recess of China.

Anyway, we should also be positive, and see this as an opportunity to grow and expand our industrial base, instead of just handing it over to our arch enemy.

G-d bless the will to ORGANIZE!

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What to do?

Well, there is no way around it. We have to discuss what we do to China.

First of all, it is extremely complicated, secondly it is extremely dangerous.

If we end up in an atomic annihilation campaign we are in deep, deep trouble.

Trump had his economic warfare, which didnt work at all. I mean, as long as we borrow a lot of money from the Chinese, then the whole charade of talking tough is just talk.

What we will eventually end up in, is some kind of fight.

What kind of fight, and how we do it, is what we are supposed to talk about.

First of all, I have faith in the American military. On the surface, when you compare tech, we may actually have a small disadvantage. But that is overwhelmingly balanced off with the courage of and steel of the American soldier.

At the end of day, it is the meeting on the battleground that will decide the outcome. The tenacity, the grit and the sheer force of will that will be decisive.

Chinese are artisans in this area, they make beautiful arts of fighting, and they are very good at it. But a cowboy is not determined by his good skill, but his grit to stay on the horse, day after day.

That is the truth of it.

If we should discuss the strategic level, we need to look at examples in history to have a chance at understanding what is going on.

To me, the most obvious parallel is Alexander the great, and his fight with the Persians.

Why? Because here you had the Democratic idealist pitted against a slavestate. Exactly like Communism in a Chinese version against the US.

We can learn something from Alexander the Great.

What did he do?

He was extremely good at putting up his troops, so that they outfoxed the Persians.

He had very few troops, like 50.000 against millions, and yet he prevailed.

How did he do that? By strategy. He was an expert in applying all kinds of extremely advances strategies to his benefit. One example; he made “mousetraps” in his army, a kind of a deeping in the ranks of his soldiers, when the chariots rode against the army, they instictively rode into the traps, where Alexander could make short work of them. He also sloped his frontline a little, which made it more difficult for his opponents.

In fact, he applied all kinds of tricks and strategies to his advancements.

AND he fought for freedom. The whole point of his advance into Persia was to free the Hellenes from Persia.

So, he had a mission. We need to be clear on our mission.

Now, Alexander was tought by Aristotle from a young age, in fact, Alexander saw it as his mission to spread the gospel of Aristotle. So, he was a missionary.

We need to be missionaries as well, but we need to understand that mission. Maybe it is the same as Alexander? To spread Democracy?

G-d willing they need that support in both Taiwan as well as Hong Kong. Two Democracies under the thumb of the slavestate.

We need to be clear on what we do, how we do it, and then we need to communicate those ideas. That means letting me loose.

At least, that would be the most profound and wise to do. And I am sick and tired og being held down anyway.

So, find that inner cause, that revolutionary fire, the fire of the American revolution.

G-d bless the will to rekindle the faith of the ancients.

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You know Joe, when you were really in trouble in the beginning of your election, I chose you. It wasn’t the most rational, the best choice in terms of chance to choose a candidate that would give me someone in the White House that would listen to my ideas. But it was because you are my friend. When we worked together in the Obama time, we kind of found a way together.

Now in my current situation, when I am in a bit of a trouble, you seem to have the same reaction. Ok, Asger is in trouble, he needs my support.

That is what friends do, in a difficult situation.

What I am trying to say Joe is, that you are a good friend. And that quality is something that I believe, will coin and define your presidenship.

Being a good friend is not easy, it is something you need to work on. It takes the ability to be able to prioritize your friends, even though it may not be to your own benefit. But it also gives people, who get to know you, a faith in you. They know, that you don’t just abandon them in times of need, but stay, and try to help.

A quality like that, is what the Americans need right now, because it enables you to reach across the political divides, and make people come together.

Internationally, it gives you the ability to draw people around the same table, and make people be friends as well.

Now, people needs to know, that they can trust you, and for what I gather, it is already starting to work. In the Middle East things are not so troublesome, the Europeans actually like you, and in the pacific it is the same.

Actually there is pretty much peace everywhere.

So, that is a very good start. There is still the China question looming ahead, and it will come to some kind of clash, sooner or later. Make it fast and decisive when it comes to the fight. Don’t hesitate or linger.

But be careful of the atomic Armageddon risk. Avoid that, that is truly the great scare.

So use your great diplomatic skill in the eastern pacific theatre as well as in the Middle East, and see what you can shore up in terms of support.

G-d bless the will to do good in the world.

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Friends, we are looking at a time of division. England and Denmark are going one way, a more conservative way, and the US is going a more liberal way.

I know, there are a lot of disagreements, especially when it comes to migration.

We here in Europe are not that keen on migration, and it is a more natural process in the US. I get it, but we have to understand, that what we should base these ideas on, either the liberal as well as the conservative is a humanistic worldview.

There are problems with some migrants, but not all. There are problems with some racists, but not all.

Either side can be either racist, terrorists or liberal humanistic democrats.

The difficult issue is where to put down your perspective.

For a long time, I have been very critical towards some of the radical islamists; al queda, islamic state and so on. But this has been to make room for the humanistic development in the muslim world as well.

We are all human beings after all.

In these issues often people tend to go down in the pits, starting to yell at each other.

Can we not do that, please?

But have a sober, humanistic view on things, and try to be clear on what is up and down.

We need to be open about the problems, but also find some kind of dialogue and understanding.

I believe, that unity is created, when we share ideals, hopes and worldview. There a lot of migrants in Denmark that support a democratic state, but there also some that dont.

That is the way of the world, the gangbangers and destroyers of peoples lives. They are there, and we should approach them without attention to color.

At the same time, truly support an inclusive approach to the migrants and refugees that share our values.

It is a true balance, and it is not easy. But going in the trenches wont help anything, it will just make it worse.

G-d bless the will to LISTEN to one another.

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When we talk about race, racism, black against white, I believe we should think about what lies in the very core of the idea.

In its essence, its a tyrannical idea.

When blacks oppress whites, as they have in South Africa, and honestly when we celebrate whites oppressing blacks, it is the same. Two sides of the same coin. There is no getting out of your skin. There is nothing democratic, humanistic or liberal about race ideas. The idea is, that there is a perpetual war fought in the world between different races of man. That is just not right. There is no such thing as an eternal racewar, it is something we invent based on a sorry excuse for theory.

Darwin never thought about human races as racewar, that was a English Socialdarwinist who invented that.

I mean it has been 80 years since these ideas were as much as theorized about. Maybe it is time to move on?

See the world in new ways, such as hailing to the idea, that there is such a thing as redemption and humaness. That spirit will call to those who are honest and good? Be they any color of skin.

Do we really think spirit keeps tab on people with regard to their skin? Seriously?

We have nation, and that nation is worth fighting for, dying for, sacrificing for. But that nation is born by those who are loyal to the idea of the nation.

There are people who are not loyal to that nation, and should be fought off cause, terrorist, criminals and what not. Evil people in essence, but what makes them evil is not their skin colour, it is what they choose to do and believe in.

If you believe in fighting the citizenry, you are evil, it is a simple as that.

But you can have any skin colour to be like that.

Instead of more division, maybe it is time to stop the racebanting and be civilised.

We can stand and oppose the tides of race ideas, but we have to be honest with ourselves. Do we support the idea of race or not.

If you do that, then you also support war as principle, and is that a good or bad thing?

War is supposed to be avoided at all cost, but fought vigorously if it is there.

We have problems enough, maybe creating more is not such a good thing.

Be humane, be liberal, accept other people, but do not be naive. Find balance between the challenges we face.

That is the way of a sincere and successful politics.

G-d bless the insight we might find now, and hopefully find a little peace.

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Well, now we have the eternal discussion on “race” in England again. This at a moment, where we were supposed to meet in unity. That was a shame.

How do we go about tackle that problem.

At the very core of the problem lie the idea of a “race”.

I believe, that only at understanding and shifting focus at the very core of the problem, can we truly solve the problem.

This will get a little philosophical, but bear with me.

The idea of “race” is a pretty old one in England, you can read about it in Ivanhoe and it stood in the center at the ideas of Darwin.

In essense Darwin theorizes, that each animal race will fight each other for dominance in a given habitat.

But there are several objections to this theory, and only by discussing the very core of the theory do we change the world.

First of all, there are no human races in a Darwinian definition. There is actually only one race, and that is humans.

Then we tend to have a little different skin color, but we are still all just humans.

We can all get children with each other, so we are the same race.

That is essentially one objection to the darwinian theories. Then there is another one, that is even more important.

Darwin was very much inspired by Goethe, who saw nature as a place of fighting, but also a place of great beautiful things as love, harmony and acceptance.

We should realize, that by banging that drum of race all the time, what we essentially do, is banging the drum of discord and conflict.

There is another element in the original ideas of Goethe, and that is the very essence of spirituality as something good and beautiful.

Maybe we should stop focusing on war all the time, and start focusing on the good of nature as well.

I mean, isn´t that what the climate discussion is all about?

That idea of a world in harmony and spirituality?

I know, there are off cause conflicts we have to tackle, and we should do that with the utmost of force and intelligence, to aim at a world of peace.

But banging the drum of race will only get us to one place; meanless conflict.

Maybe we should stop using the term wrongly, and see it for what it is; a social construct.

G-d bless the will to find harmony and peace.

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G-d bless England, and may it prevail

Well that was a bit of a downfall, football coming home, and all that. It gave England something, as I see it. It gave England a sense of purpose a renewed confidence in what England CAN achieve, if we all work together.

So thank you for that, and even though we didn’t win, we still delivered an imposing feat. Hail to that.

But still, lets have a look at what is truly important these days post Covid. What is important is to make the whole society work again. Stop the negative spiral, and start a positive spiral.

How do we do that? We do it by being ambitious in terms of what England and Great Britain in general is.

For too long, have we just sat idly by, and watched the society be more and more negative.

Let us stop that movement, and start a positive movement.

What would that be?

That would be a positive preaching for the very core of England, in terms of its political identity and goals. Knights of the round table anyone? The dream of egality in the society. The amazing universities, where these ideals are realized in the common room, the mass, where we all meet as equals.

These egalitarian ideals, are at the very core of what England is. Then add the entrepreneurship of the British industrialists, the dreamers of innovation like sir Richard Branson, the positive caretakers at the NHS.

All these people could band together, and make a new England, based of the true faith of what England truly is.

Be courageous, be free, be honest in the challenges we meet.

There are plenty of problems ahead, not least the massive threat of UNCONTROLLED migration.

We need to reverse a bit of that development, and we can. But we need to do it with the utmost humanity.

Difficult decisions, and hard projects ahead, but it can be done, if we have faith in England, and the values there.

G-d bless England, and may it always prevail.

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Joe, you are doing well. But, I know that I am pretty sharp in my opinions sometime, there is a reason for that.

The reason is, that we need to be sharp in understanding the issues ahead, and be clear about the priorities.

First of all, what I think Barack is right about, and what I have tried to support you guys is the fight for unity.

Unity is calling to what people share.

What do people share, they share the basis of the Democratic republic. That is the values and the virtues of that American dream.

So if you want to make people feel that they share something, find the things, that everybody agrees upon, are happy about, and proud about.

Now, don’t get my wrong, I am not saying that we should not help gays and Jews alike. I have been a dancer in many years, and therefor know a lot of gays, and they are a festive and in a way strange collection of peoples. But, and that is where you are right, they have a right to be recognized and protected.

So in order to support the liberal base, of cause we need to protect gays.

At the other hand, we ALSO need to find things that reaches across the aisle. That is the basis of the country.

There is a storm rising in the west that coming a potential war with China.

In this fight, people need to understand what is at stake. What is at stake is the freedom of the American people. Are we ready give that away. Be oppressed by a tyrannical state?

I think not.

At the other hand, we also need to see gays for their potential and freedom.

So we need to strike a balance with something everybody sees and understand, the values of Democracy, and see the gays as someone to protect.

G-d bless the will to be free.

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Paradise refound

Well, when things get out of hand spiritually as well as principly as things have in US lately, what do you do?

You go back to the roots.

The founding fathers, they had it right. They were descendants of the Italian Renaissance, where Hermeticism and Platonism was all the rave. I know, because I hold a dear connection to some of the knights of humanism.

So when people are in disagreement with what is up and down, you go back to the ideas of George Washington, why? Because those ideas of enlightenment and democracy are right.

In a way, the US is all that Europe WANTED to be, but couldn’t be, because we didn’t have the bright idealism you guys have.

So what are these ideas. Well, you see them defined in mr. Washingtons idea of a Republic. A Democratic institution, that see all peoples of the American electorate get a say. Ok such a great and big mass of people do not get so much to say, but ideally every citizen has a vote and a say.

This I think is the core of the United States of America. That great Nation of the brave and the free.

Here is another virtue you should both remember and cherish; Freedom.

To be free is what the citizens of the US was promised, and should therefor find each and everyone.

But at the core, there is the mission of the first pioneers. The very first settlers who sought for Israel.

What is Israel? Israel is the dream, the idea, that people can Iive in peace, side by side in harmony. Israel is paradise.

So why did the first settlers dream about that? They did it, because they KNEW, that it was possible to attain, that lofty dream and possible goal.

Is the paradise lost? Or is it still out there to be found?

That is what the US is all about, and trust me, it is difficult to realize, no doubt about that, but it is also possible. It is essentially a question of finding the right balance between all the different bodies and principle of the Nation; the law, the democratic institution, the religion. Make it into a whole, and you WILL find paradise.

At least this was the possible example of the first city, the city of Eridu or as we call it, the city of Eden.

G-d bless the peace and dreams we CAN find, if we try and try again. G-d bless the United States of America.

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World politics

Well, that was a pretty good string of meetings Joe, to the point, and you made real progress with mr. Putin. Putin is a megapro. He knows how to play the game, and he is really good at it. At the core of his government, it is actually also a warm heart.

You know, Russians have always been villified by the West, especially under the cold war. But the fact of the matter is, that Russia and the US has much more in common than you would know at the surface. Where as the US started as a project 500 years ago, Russia started as a project 1000 years ago.

In Rus. Russians are really descendants of vikings coming from Scandinvia a 1000 years ago. They have had a rougher time than the Americans. Especially the Mongols were a scourge upon the Russians, but then the Russians took their free roaming spirit and turned it into the Kossacks, who swarmed over the steppes of Siberia. Kossacks are really close to cowboys in many ways. Vikings gone inland, shifting boats for horses. Some pretty amazing horsemanship and fighting skills of the Cossacks were displayed over the steppes.

So in a way there is the same kind of frontier spirit over both Russia and the US.

In the wake of the Trump administration this has been subdued, but it can easily be reawakened.

You see, the Russians really like the Cowboys, becaues they see some of themselves in it.

This was a difficult thing to promote when Trumps was president, now it has become a bit easier.

It will matter a lot when the showdown over China comes soon, and the showdown with the islamists in western europe as well.

Anyway, it seems that some rapport have been built with the leaders of Europe in general, and that is very important in this regard. They are extremely pressed on the security front and kind of caught between the wishes of the European Union and the public cry for security.

Hopefully Bennet makes it in the Middle East, so we will not have too many problems on that front. Hopefully we will make peace with mr. Putin, making that conflict less of a problem. Then we can focus on China, that is going hot in Taiwan, and Western Europe.

I know that it is a complicated picture, but we have to be able to see it for what it is, to make any progress. And we will.

G-d bless the will to be a peacekeeper and a strong defender of Democracy.

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The first 100 days

June 14th, 2021 1 comment

Well, it is time for a shift in politics, these are my recommendations for at first move in the vicinity of Israel.

Make friends with the neighbors. Egypt is the most important, due to the geographic border with Gaza.

Make friends with Sisi, show him appreciation and show that we appreciate his role as leader to one of the oldest and wisest cultures of the world.

Egypt has suffered for many years as difficulties and adversity has been the way things have been.

But deep in the memory of all Egyptians lie the memory of the golden era of Egypt. When the pyramids were built, when Egypt was the foremost country of wisdom. Sneferu, Akhenaten and all the other pharaohs.

It is through the lens of the understanding of the Egyptians as what they are, that we can maintain a friendship, the land of order and life.

Then do the same with the other countries around Israel, go to the Arab kingdoms and appreciate their culture and history. Give homage to the brazen desert warriors. Understand their fervent adoration of ethics and the right life.

Then go to Lebanon and water their cedar trees, as a recognition of the Phoenician heritage and their inherent beauty. And the go to Iran, to see, if there is still a bit of that Cyrus spirit. The spirit of valiant, ethical conduct. The spirit of doing the good deeds, speaking in a manner of good, and having good thoughts.

Understanding our neighbors is, to me, the key to peace.

There is a long way from Manhattan to Ur or Babylon, but people are the same everywhere, they want to be seen as who they are, and be respected in the their own right.

We in the West have given a lot back over the years through our research in the ancient cultures of the Middle East, understanding the wealth of culture in Egypt and other countries of the Middle East.

This understanding is now feeding back to the Middle East, and hopefully will renew its understanding of itself as the illustrious civilization it once was and now can be again.

This is the path to reach peace.

G-d bless the peace we can find in the Middle East.

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Making America happy again

Well Joe, things are shaping up. There are plenty of pitfalls ahead, but things are, more or less, back to normal. Normal being the state run by politicians with a good relation to the bureaucracy.

That is good.

Importantly, we need to look at the challenges ahead, in order to prepare.

Internationally, there are two main challenges, or rather, hopefully only one challenge.

First is the Middle East, secondly is the civilwar that is in its infancy here in Western Europe.

First lets have a look at the Middle East.

Mr. Netanyahu is stepping down, yes it takes a few days or weeks, but mr. Naftali Bennet is gearing up for his own government.

How this is going to shape up, will be pretty evident in the first two to three weeks of his cabinet.

Mr. Bennet is a new kind of politician in some ways than Netanyahu, and in many ways he is just the son of mr. Netanyahu in political terms. And, Benyamin, sometimes it is ok to let the son take over the business, because, I mean look at the son you have got, he is SO skilled. So give him the best possible chance to do something with his presidentship. He has waited, now he is ready, so be a good dad, and give your political progeny a good chance to start.

That would show your pride in Bennet, and give him a good platform to base his initial political strides on.

The beginning is the hardest, and getting over the first 100 days can either make a platform like mr. Biden now has, or create no platform, so that the leadership cannot work.

Your choice, but power is only important if it in itself is progressive in the sense of giving the country a better future.

Maybe mr. Bennet is the future?

Anyway, I will try to help mr. Bennet in his first 100 days. Here is my first advice. Dont go too fast, dont go too slow. You need to progress with your vision in a steady but forcefull manner. Take your time, think it through, and then act.

Secondly, international politics is like a computer in the sense, that it is extremely complicated. It is a massive chess board, and there are some prette skilled players out there.

You can be outmanuevered in a short time, if you do not show skill in the game.

The Middle East is best understood, in the game, as a series of players who are ancient. Understand the Persians, the Arab, the Phoenician, the Egypt in biblical terms gone modern, and you will have sucess. Zionism in the original Lawrence of Arabia perpective is just that, a scholar on the ancient Middle East gone politician.

The Middle East loves that, the old ways, the traditions, the ideas of Babylon, Memphis, Ur, Zoroaster, Akhenaten, because that is Middle East tradition, and tradition runs deep in the Middle east.

The second conflict to tackle mr. Biden, will be that of islamist insurgency in Europe. They are gearing, numerous terrorattacks in Belgium, France. It is a pot that is boiling over.

Here again, to me, it is VERY important to diffentiate between good muslims and bad muslims.

Islamic State are undemocratic and inhuman, liberal muslims of all colour are within the reach of democracy, and should be asked for dialogue.

So tackle the bad muslims and curry favor from the good muslims.

That is the plan at least, we will see how it will unfold. I do REALLY hope, that the trenches are not dug too deep, and the continent will go up in flames christians vs. muslims. But it can be isolated to a fight with only the terrorists.

But time will show.

The EU are planning on taking more migrants into Europe, that can only fan the flames. So we need to be vigilant, and see what will happen.

Then again, hopefully it will all just be small skirmishes, but probably larger conflicts will happen.

Anyway, we are out with a pretty good start, and hopefully we will keep our eyes on the ball, and keep America prosperous, equal and happy.

Because at the end, that is what it is all about, making a world where people are satisfied with their lives, and therefor just, happy.

G-d bless the will to make people happy again.

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