Davids sling

Well, now we are at the eternal dance around the ‘golden calf’ Israel.

It seems to me, that it holds such a mirage of attraction due to its status as the hub of the monotheistic religions.

The power that holds Israel is the leader of the three religions.

So as a consequence all three religions fight for dominance.

But, and this is truly where things get interesting, what happens when the TRULY leading religion of the three, namely Judaism holds sway over the holy city of Jerusalem?

This is really what this fight with the Muslims is all about, do the Muslims accept the leading role of Judaism or not?

This is why, the ETHICAL conduct of the Jews are so important. How do we tackle the conflict. If we are less ethical than Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the perception of our conduct will be harsh and instantly condemning.

This is why I believe that the ethical or moral choices we make should be as best possible.

This does not mean, that we should just take all the beating, we should most definitely not.

But it means, that our response should be measured and precise.

WE should, by all means, avoid ANY loss of civilians on the Muslim side, and ONLY respond in equation to the attacks we receive.

We cannot be seen as the dominator but only as the defender.

Because at the end of the day, we should remember, that there is a HUGE audience looking at what we are doing, and in these social media times, lies have harder time flying, so most people around the world can actually see what is going on.

Yes Islamic jihad still have some supporters on the extreme left wing, but most sane people can see that Israel has been attacked, and is responding in DEFENSE.

So precision, only targeting military targets, sheltering all Israelis, the ethical way of war, and we will win what this war is REALLY about; international acceptance and support.

I mean, why is it, that Europeans should support Islamic extremist terrorizing innocent civilians?

G-d bless the will of Jews to survive and do what David did; use his sling to fight with precision and force.

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The Middle East

So first act in the two pronged conflict I presumed has come underway.

The conflict in the Middle East between Sunni and Shia Muslim terrorist against Israel is under way.

Why do I call them terrorists? Because shooting rockets towards civilians is the very definition of terrorism.

War between soldiers and military infrastructure is one thing, using civilians as targets are forbidden according to the UN charter, and the Koran.

Civilians are not to be touched in war, it goes against all ethics when it comes to war.

This situation is due to the fact, that the Biden administration has not really touched upon the Middle East in earnest, so now the warring parties in the Middle East are trying to see how far they can go.

Will it be an apocalypse?

A realization of the ancient prophets as to the advent of Israel?

It remains to be seen, but I do feel that apocalyptic vibe in the air.

Anyway, my best advice to the Biden administration would be, to try and go BEHIND the proxi parties in Gaza and talk directly to the Arabs and the Iranians. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are nothing in themselves but the extended arm of Iran and the Arab world, or at least, that is what they try to be.

It makes sense, to reach the real powerbrokers instead of the pieces on the board that are simply moving at the order of the power brokers behind.

This is not to criticize either the Arabs or the Iranians, but to put forth a strategy.

G-d bless the peace, we will eventually find. G-d bless Israel.

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Current events

Well, we are now entering the post corona world, which equals to Asger has to get back at international blogging world, or whatever you would want to call it.

There are several daunting yet possible challenges ahead. First of all, there is the climate change challenge ahead of us. This is a great problem, but there are a lot of solutions as well. I have worked with it quite intensely here in Denmark, and even though it is a bit of a potholed road to the end result of eternal climate bliss, we are actually getting somewhere.

There are some pretty interesting perspectives in using wind and solar power that we are looking into here in Denmark.

It could almost for certain end up saving the world, imagine that.

Next in line lies the fatamorgana of world peace, which, at the time being, is looking a bit bleak. There is the rising tension in both Israel as well as France, that is the hub of islamist uprising.

Where that goes is still to be seen, but it is going to be interesting to see, where it all leads. I hope for a peaceful solution, but to be honest I doubt it.

In Denmark we are working on a repatriation scheme, that will, slowly and surely repatriate islamist and criminals out of Denmark.

I know, it can be criticized, and it should. But if you come to a democratic country, and your first act is to try to change it into a fascist islamic state, well, then you are a terrorist, and should be treated like that. That is pretty obvious. Terroism is terrorism.

This process is still in its infancy, and it remains to be seen if it will work, but there are good signs.

We also have to be a bit realistic about the endless climate change migrants that seek the promised land of Europe and the US. It has to be conducted in an orderly fashion, and it is the choice of either the US or respectively European countries if they wish to have the new citizens, or repatriate these material refugees to a place where they can be helped without direct access to Europe.

I know, again a tense subject, but we have to make these things work, and not just be a slave to our own lack of imagination. Things change, and we have to tackle the problems we face in an orderly as well as humane fashion for all involved, but migrants/refugees as well as Europeans and Americans. It has to be done in a nice and humane way.

The last bit of discussion to my mind is the inherent issue of trying to make a welthfarestate and at the same time having free migration to the country.

This combined effort is a bit of a false idea. If you want to make a wealthfare state, you need to make pretty steep barriers to enter, otherwise the solidarity with the others who pay for the welthfarestate will stop.

It is a pretty deep fault that goes all the way back to Marx and his misreading of Spartan society, that is the ideal of communism or marxism.

In order to have solidarity, people generally need to know each other and feel a kinship.

At least this is the point of Lycurgus the founder of Sparta.

That is a dilemma we need to be honest about, if we want to continue or expand the wealthfare state. It goes against the current understanding of socialism, but it is nonetheless the point of Lycurgus and he built a city state that lasted for 700 years, so he is probably right.

We can’t really compete with the ancients in this regard, we have to respect their wisdom to my mind.

Anyway, we need a steady hand on the wheel, and the going is pretty soon going to get tough, so we need to stay alert in France and in the Middle East in general, things could just end in war.

G-d bless the will to find a way that will end up in peace.

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Well Joe, you are doing quite well, and the classic Union ideas are MUCH better than Woke identity politics.

To me talking about Union Politics gives us a way to connect to Marxism in a way, that we can talk about what is good and bad about Marxism.

I think I have a bit of a unique view on Marxism, since Marx was one of my distant family members. Trier where I have my name from, is where Marx grew up in a Jewish family, so I feel a kind of kinship to him.

This does not mean, that I do not see his faults and flaws, I do.

One of his major flaws being the fact, that he threw out religion out of the window. That is a major fault, and one of the reasons that I have sought to support religion so forcefully. Without religion, there is no natural bend towards good.

This is why I believe, that if you want to make an Obamacare 2.0, don’t forget the priests.

I believe, that religion should be a part of a social wealth fare state. The reason why we have a state to care for the weak is found in the Bible.

In this way, you also reach out towards the Conservatives, making a bridge there.

I believe, that only through spirit, can you really understand the positive aim of society, it is about the angels. When you are inspired by angels, you naturally do good, right?

The reason why a lot of the social welthfarestates tend to corrupt is because of the materialistic basis.

There is the discussion on progressive tax as well, I have some ideas about that as well, you might want to use too.

It is all about fixing the faults of Marx, making a humanistic system, that will actually work and make people happy and content.

G-d bless the will to do good in this world. Be a better person and make a whole and happy world.

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The revolution

April 28th, 2021 No comments

Well, things seems to be developing in a direction that will, at least for the eastern side of the US, be difficult to handle.

As of now, France is REALLY gearing up for a fight against islamic extremism. Twenty generals have publicly declared leftwing academics and many muslims enemies of the Democratic/humanistic state inadvertedly threatening the politicians with action, if they do not do something.

So, what does that mean, really?

Well, it means, that France is adamant in keeping its lead in fighting islamic extremism, and academia is in for a difficult time, to say the least. This is not a little insignificant country, this is France, mother of all revolutions, and a fierce defender of freedom. Its intellectuals founded the US, more or less.

Add to this, France has always keenly sought a role in world leadership. Here it has its chance, because the US has had a few years of problems.

What is it really that France is saying, it is saying, that it is willing and able to start a WAR against islamic extremism IN France, in fact the generals are threatening the politicians that if they do not do it, the generals will put them out of office and do it themselves. Since they are fighting for the integrity of the state, and the state is democratic, off cause this will not be the end of Democracy, but a protective action.

Where does that leave the US, again, I hope the US will get back in the lead, but to be honest, I am pretty smitten by France. Just imagine a French revolution in my time, and having a part of it. This like christmas time for any philosopher, it does not get any bigger. I know, then there is all the violence and the bloodshedding, but the vibe, and the courage. There is nothing like a French revolution, period.

So what do the US do?

Well, to be honest the US needs to see some action as well. But, there is the importance of recognizing the pro muslim part of the Democratic party. Bernie and his crowd. We cant just go on muslim hunting, and it would be wrong, trying to find a balance here is important.

Will it beat the french? Maybe, maybe not. But seeing the French in all their glory maybe is not such a bad thing, and we are sharing values like 1:1 anyway, so it is not that we have an ideological difference.

The French are ambitiuos, and they have a window of opportunity here.

We are looking at a war that is potentially a 100 years long, and definitely vicious, but the alternative is the fall of the Republic, and that is simply not an option, period.

G-d bless the way we will find, as the world is gearing up for more action, and France is leading the fray.

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The world

April 24th, 2021 No comments

Well, now we are, at least, going in the right direction, but we must realize, that there is truly a long way to go, before the world is really under any kind of American leadership.

This I do not say to discourage, but to kind of prepare ourselves for the long haul.

One of the things that has been going on in the last four or five years is the leadership gained by France in fighting islamist extremism. They are fighting it in France and in the entire francophone world.

As opposed to the Anglo Saxons, France has never really had the same break with its colonies. They are stil kind of colonies, but since France have started out being a humanistic/democratic republic fighting for equality, the French colonies have never really been treated badly, not as the Belgian og Anglo Saxon Colonies, so there is still a great bond there, that is truly humane.

At the other hand, the french colonies, especially in middle Africa are really fightin against islamic extremism of the worst kind. The killers come down from Sahara and start their killing spree.

Point is, if the US wants to lead, there is a lot of catching up in this area, and with the softer tones coming from Washington, people are wondering whether the US is drawing of the conflict fighting Osama Bin Laden, IS and so on. A fight that is raging in Africa and Western Europe.

Again, we should be very careful not to push away good muslim allies as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and pro westerne democracies and allies, and find that balance.

But the fight is still very much alive, and right now France is leading.

Finding some kind of action and strategy here is really important, and cooperating with France is very important, since they are doing a very good job at it.

France wants to carve our its own legacy and honour here, and to me, that is just really good, leading is not about giving credit, it is about making strategies and supporting, selflessly for ones allies.

But, there remains to be done a huge amount of work here.

Then there is the border crisis. I know a hot potato, and ms. Harris is drowning in the job, I get it.

But it is, nonetheless a crisis building up steam, so we need to tackle it in a humane yet forcefull way. And in the current climate of animostiy that is going to be really, really difficult.

I mean Noam Chomsky is pulling out the big guns, and is calling anyone who wants to tackle the crisis with an iota of order and seriousness, evil.

That is the problem lying right there, and we need to solve it, to make progress and lead again, fix America for everybody, black and white and brown.

So what should we do?

First of all, I would initiate a dialogue with the involved countries that are loosing their citizens to the US.

Yes, some will cooperate some not. But some kind of communication should be established.

Then I would invest heavily in border control. Not a border control to run around and hunt people, but make systems that actually house migrants, make sure, that all rules are followed, keep the kids safe. Be serious about this.

Chaos is not doing any good, we need order to protect people.

So invest in border security, but with the aim of making the whole system humane.

In the UK, mr. Johson seems to have fallen asleep, what is going on Boris?

I know that being sick is a devastating experience, me myself have just had two years in bed more or less. But that is life. As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said; if you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.

But now you are healed again, so you need to carry on brother. That is life, ups and downs, use your skill to further the interests of Britain and the Commonwealth, but in a nice and decent way.

So equality is not about one winning over the other, it is about harmony.

If you are truly equal, then you are supposed to be happy, that is the aim of the world today, to make a harmonius, equal world, where people are happy, right?

Not too much conflict, but respect and honesty.

G-d bless the will to heal the world.

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April 20th, 2021 No comments

We now have a new minister of transport, mr Buttiglieg, pretty cool guy to my understanding, has the right balance between liberal and conservative standpoints, and even educated on my favourite university Oxford, the magical place. But seriously Buttiglieg, a rehash of the normal Keynesian philososphy of borrowing money from the banks, investing it in infrastructure, which is essentially giving jobs to the construction business of the country. The money that is invested will give some jobs off cause, but what about the agrictultural business, IT, defense, and numerous other production companies, and most important the car business that is really in trouble, or at least was some years ago. Is that not also important? I know mr. Buttiglieg is only minister of transport, so that is his focus, but a wider strategy is also important, to my mind.

My take on it, that gave both Obama and Trump a massive boost in jobs was to diversify the investment to ALL production companies, BUT, and that is very important, ONLY in patriotic companies.

My good friend Jan O. Gregersen, the chairman of the workers union here in Aalborg, showed me a painting of one of the main founders of the Union, he was of the opinion, that workers and business work together for the furtherment of Aalborg.

That is a good thing, says the smith.

Point is, to make jobs, you have to diversify your investment, and not only use a lot of money, there are other ways to do it as well. Like cutting red tape for the businesses and really recognize those American companies that are loyal to the US.

It is about the old worker working together with the business owner to get the country on a right footing again.

To ORGANIZE! to cite one of the old idealists of the workers union.

With all respect for mr. Buttiglieg, that seems to me at really cool guy.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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The US

April 15th, 2021 No comments

It is kind og working Joe, the Western Europeans are warming up to a renewed alliance with the US, and it seems to me, that people around the world are engaging in some serious soul searching. Having the US back as the leader of the world is something people need to think about. Because where does that position them in the game of thrones.

Making some kind of overture to Russia is a wise move essentially. It secures the eastern front, and then we can focus on Turkey, that is threatening Europe quite openly.

Here we have to be honest about how they are doing it. They are doing it, by smuggling IS fighters into Europe through the mass migration caravan that it has tried to initiate in the past.

This is a conundrum, because at one hand we need to take care of refugees around the world. My own father fled from Bangladesh during the civil war there, he was a freedom fighter.

At the other hand, abusing our good hearts actually makes it much more difficult for the real refugees to be accepted. Here in Denmark, people are pretty annoyed with all the mayhem, that the IS fighters of different kinds are making here. So people get pretty angry. Danes are fighters and wont leave it alone.

Yes, then sometimes, it is reflected in inhuman decisions and attempts, I agree, but handling this anger is very difficult. Finding the balances and so on.

But that is the lay of the land in Denmark, but also in Western Europe in general. Finding that middle path, is increasingly difficult, and may just end up being impossible, creating chasms of animosity and trouble. Trouble like shooting artists and the like in Charlie Hebdo.

But, if and when the US should and will take a leading role, it should be to find a equilibrium in the understanding of Muslims in general, support liberal Muslims, fighting the terrorists.

My father was a liberal Muslim, he was really into Mahatma Ghandi and the unification of a democratic Bangladesh. A liberal person in all ways, so to me, that is a prove, that it is possible to find a way in Islam towards Democracy.

BUT, and this is really important, we need to be serious and realistic about the challenge we face. When we made the Arab spring, we thought that just bold action would do it. But that was a mistake. Toppling the governments in Northern Africa, was a serious mistake except for Tunisia. We need to be careful, not to destroy the states that they have. Revolutions may be pretty cool, but they can go the wrong way.

Anyway, we are actually moving towards a renewed role of leadership of the West in the world. To me, that is a good thing, if it is based on true insight and wisdom.

In this way, we have created a leadership, that is to the benefit of all mankind. Ok, our system is the humanistic/democratic, and we fight for that. But that does not mean, that we do not UNDERSTAND other systems, and can have some honest and good relations to them.

Maybe it may not look new, shining and bright, but to me, what we need right now is not new shining and bright. We need to reestablish the leading role of the US, and using proven methods, something people know and understand is the best way. Then after some time, when people get used to us being wise and understanding, then we can start developing new and more advanced ways and strategies.

Good thing about the redrawal of the troops in Afghanistan. Well done mr. President. You are showing bold action, and linking the redrawal to a fierce action against terrorism is very good. Keeping America and our allies safe.

We shouldn’t forget the climate issues, and should be bold in action here also. And I have to get used to writing about international strategy again. It is very, very, difficult and a terrible responsibility.

But, and this is what I think is important. It is done from a free perspective. I am not bought by anyone, I pay for the blog I write, in fact it is done in opposition to the state, that seems to want to oppress me all the time.

That is, to me, a pure, idealistic democratic/humanistic perspective.

So well done Joe, you are starting to look good in the eyes of the world.

G-d bless the will to find peace, at the end of the tunnel.

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Prince Philip

April 12th, 2021 No comments

Dear Elisabeth, sincere condolences with your late husband Prince Philip.

I have myself tried to be through such trials, loosing someone I really liked, and I must say, that I really sympathise. You cannot describe the loss you feel, when someone so close goes away.

So this is not a critical review of Prince Philip, but rather a call to all his strenghts and qualities.

Once a gentleman, always a gentleman.

What was it that that gentleman gave the world. Well, being a loyal knight of he Maltese brotherhood myself, my take on how I see see Prince Philips qualities, is seen through that filter, the filter of a knight of the realm. What was prince Philip really? He was the one, who still held the banner high even though everbody else seems to have lost their grip. It is in this unswerving loyality and honor to the crown, that I see his greatest quality.

He would enter a fight with a song on his lips, and an ode to England, holding the banner high over his head. And he had done it, in his own life, many times.

You have very few of those loyal, serving souls left in this world. To me, being able to serve one of those brave knights of the realm, has been a tremendous honor.

He was the very soul of Britain.

But the beauty of his life will be, that the virtues and values, that he had, will be carried over to new generations to come. Making sure, that there is an England also after his departure from the fight of keeping Britain whole and sound.

He was an ideal to many, and a stallwart defender of the realm.

Hail to him, and may he rest in peace, having lived a life of quality and sincerity, that few others have lived.

G-d bless the magic islands of the British, and may it prevail. G-d bless the living memory of his highness prince Philip.

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April 10th, 2021 No comments

Well, now the dichomoty between democratic islam, and kalifate islam is enhanced and underlined both in the UK in relation to the current debalce over the Mohammad cartoon in a school, and in the meeting between the EU and Turkey.

It seems to me, that the radicalists are trying to dominate and find conflict with the European/American democratic alliance.

At the same time, we have the conflicts with both China and Russia.

This is too much.

If we want to or not, we need to tackle these issues.

My take it is, as I wrote in the last posting, to PRIORITIZE the conflicts. So that we try to reduce the conflicts with the Russians and pick the anti democratic foes of China and the islamists.

That creates the necessarry balance with the Muslim community, makes a sound ideological basis under the fight, and it creates a situation where we have sound alliances.

The Democratic West is ready to fight the islamists, and we need to be able to hinder escalation with Russia. Russia are not keen on Turkey either, so there is a possible alliance there. To beat the Ottomans is a pretty old score unsettled with the heirs to the Byzantine church.

The Russian Orthodox church is an heir to the ancient Byzantine church that is still in existence in Turkye, albeit a shadow of its former selv.

So the lines of conflict are pretty obvious, we just need to initate a planned and organized response to the islamist in Western Europe and China, and make peace with Russia.

I know this is difficult, but these are the conflicts that are there, and we can pick and choose how we fight them.

G-d bless the will to be wise in strategy and bold in action.

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Ok Joe, listen, I am certainly your oldest political friend in the current political life. You know, I cried when you didn’t stand for election at Hillarys run, I was so bewildered, because usually when I see something, it comes trough. But then Trump won and things never really have been the same since then. Not to say anything negative about Trump, I mean, I like him. But the diversion that his presidency has created are really dangerous. Getting back normal is really, really difficult.

Be as it may, this is important, if we want to secure a long lasting stability of the country, and the world as such.

I may not be the best to do these things, I am a revolutionary gone home cooking, and the itch is still there. Add to this, I have been practically imprisoned the last fifteen years, so my psyche is pretty torn.

BUT, I truly believe in unity, and in the ability to create a balance between right and left.

The challenges we face, are best faced together not apart from each other.

To me, the best response to the Trump presidency is not more division, but more unity.

Divided we fall, united we stand.

So how do we do that?

Well, being a philosopher, my answer is simple, or rather the idea is simple the approach is complex. We need to analyze and understand how to find the middle path between left and right.

All great presidents and PMs have been a middle path finder. It goes for Churchill, it goes for Obama, it goes for Reagan and it is probably the same these days. Mr. Cameron had the same, he was a little of one side, and a little of the other side. Damned shame he left politics if you ask me.

Politically, on my side, its the same. Lawrence of Arabia, that CREATED the Middle East as it is, was an Oxford Scholar. Rev. Brian Mountford, that is a blazing liberal theologican of Oxford that I have had the honour to meet is the same. A wise man and a deep thinker.

So in order to find unity, you need to find that middle path between left and right. On each issue.

I mean, remeber when you fought for Detroit? The motor city, that is old school Socialdemocratic policy. Obamas fight for the family, at the same time a socialstate. Beautiful middle ground policy. Or Churchill who started as a conservative, then was a Socialdemocrat, building the british welthfare system, and then went back to fight the Narzies.

This is a task for you as well. I know, that most of the Liberal world have gone half crazy and are gearing up for an anti Trump movement. This is as wrong as going anti liberal. To me, that would be the division that would have won.

What we need is not more division, but more compromise, cross the aisle dialogue, also internationally. Finding a middle path between terrorist and most muslims, and also support the dialogue.

Finding a middle path with the enemies. Not fighting Russia, only fighting China.

In this perspective, people in th US as well a abroad will see, hopefully, a unifier and not a divider, as a contrast to Trump.

It requires dialogue, discussion, reflection on each issue. It is really difficult, but it is extremely difficult to be the President of the United States. The most challenging job of the world, I suppose.

Anyway, please Joe, do not go down that road of division, but try to unite the world. Fight those fights you need to, but not more than that. And be predictable, so that people understand what is going on.

Be a unifier.

G-d bless the will to be a unifier.

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Ok, it seems to me, that the Biden administration is finally taking up the idea of doing an advanced, complicated yet possibly successful strategy in foreign policy.

This is what we did in the Obama era, and that was, one of the most successful phases of American power.

There have been other successful phases of American power off cause, this is not to diminish the vast and world changing role that America has had through history, just to try and link this period with the last period.

Ok, where do we start. In fact, to Change things a little let me start with an inverted Trump citation made by one of the philosophical founding fathers of the U.S. Alexis de Tocqueville. A French philosopher traveling the U.S. at its inception, more or less.

He said, ‘America is good, and that is what makes it great. The day it is not good anymore, it will cease to be great.’

In other words, what we do, both domestically as well as in foreign policy MUST be based on an ethical understand of the acts that America. America will loose its greatness the day the ethics is abandoned.

That is why, we have to make some kind of solution to the IS problem, that does not involve spreading these marauders all over the place.

I get it, the Kurds have a problem, we need to fix it. But we could send them somewhere else, where they do less of a damage, and ceases to inflict much harm to anyone. How we stop them of being radicalized, beats me, but they shouldn’t annoy anyone, and not the Europeans, they are really dangerous.

Then the Russians. I know, that it was a Trump era policy to have some kind of alliance with Putin. But it started in the Obama era, and I supported it. First of all, because as Russia have become a Democratic and Christian nation, more or less, then we do not have any ideological differences anymore. Secondly because in a fight with China, not having to worry about Russia is pretty important.

For Russia, they are ok with not being a part of the worlds conflicts. They are either asleep, og wide awake. Don’t poke the bear, as someone would say. Because the bear is pretty strong and lethal when it wakes up. It happened to Napoleon, it happened to Hitler, and they both lost. In a way here after the Cold War, with Western Europe more or less collapsing due to the induced corruption, Russia also won that war. We just never really realized what they were doing, and the process to get back on track is pretty difficult, though we are getting somewhere.

Maybe this is boring, and not new, but the fact of the matter is, that we have China as an opponent, and we need to strategize according to that.

It is no secret, that what we are doing is to our own interest. But at the other hand, neither are everybody else’s.

So, that is my advice, play the international game with skill, otherwise, we definitely will loose.

G-d bless the will to be smart in relations to foreign as well as domestic policy.

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Guys, we are in trouble, again, if I may be so bold.

Ok, let me be absolutely honest with you, where did this strand of “Change” come from, and where does it lead.

Well, it comes from a European Socialdemocratic tradition that has developed under the yoke of different fascist enemies.

My first political mentor Per alias “Tom”, was a freedom fighter in the second world war. He was a part of the tradition that gave us the freedom fighters of Spain and he himself had fought vigorously against the nazis.

Pretty cool guy.

I met him at university where I studied history at that time.

His version of Socialdemocratism let him to fight, and risk his life in the organisation BOPA, Borgerlige partisaner.

What he fought for, was a world, where people are free from opression, living in a democratic world.

So, when I initiated my own career or whatever you call it, I tried to look into the problems we have had with socialism as well as liberalism.

My conclusion was quite clear, when Stalin abandoned the democratic cause in the Spanish civil war, socialism fell. It is the component of democracy, the “republic”, that needs to be in there, to make it work.

And, another thing. Marx abandoned faith to make “dialectic materialism”, that is a communist idea without faith.

That takes out g-d out of the equation. Another fault to my mind.

Without G-d there will be no drive towards goodness in life.

So I wanted to fix these two problems of Socialdemocratism.

That is the basis of Change.

G-d bless America, remember. We fought islamic fascism, remember?

This has given Socialdemocratism a breather, and it is rebounding in Europe. Denmark where I live, it is all healthy and sound.

France as well, it is finding its way as well. A new fascist enemy, the rebirth of Democracy and so on.

I fixed the problems.

But in US, due to Trump, not to be mean to Trump, but just to state the pretty obvious, Change is somehow seen as a Trump thing. And the Socialdemocrats there are rapidly going down the old, sucking, corrupt hole that were sucking the life out of Socialdemocratism before Obama.

The Change that I and Obama did is rapidly evaporating.

Now, I cant do anything about it, it seems to me, that you guys have gone pretty far down the rabbit hole, and that is understandable due to all the trouble of the Trump presidency.

But seriously, taking all the good things of Change and ditching that as well. That is a problem, and it seems to me, it is actually accelerating into an even more destructive version of Socialdemocratism.

Guys, a sound society is a society based on healthy families living in healthy cities. All based on a small but efficient state, to help those in need.

A good, hardworking population that shares the same ideals and dreams.

The unity that heals is yet to be seen, and it is getting further and further away.

What will happen in four years, I will tell you what will happen, destruction, mayhem, revolution, animosity and lack of cohesion.

What did we dream about in the Spanish civil war? We dreamt of a society that was sound and healthy, a society with amble room for everybody and peace within the republic.

That and a sound faith in spirit.

Raise that ancient motheaten banner that Stalin took down, and you will have a good society, where people are truly happy to be in, because that is what it is all about. The happiness of the people, right?

Not your own satisfaction of winning the game, but he people, remember?

G-d bless the will to be a unifier and not a someone who makes chasms of disunity between people.

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Islamic State

Ok, so the world is really changing, one of the main changes, I suppose is the abandonment of Obama principles that lead the world before Biden came to power. Trump didnt change much of the Obama ideas in his presidency, if anything, he enhanced them. So for me, being an Obama supporter, and having envisioned many of these principles, that was actually ok.

But now they are, rapidly being abandoned. The economoc ideas behind Obamas ideas, the “Obamanomics” is abandoned. The fight against Isis is abandoned, the only thing that is left, is the fight against China.

But not to support Taiwan and Hong Kong, two democratic enclaves in and around China, but to help and support Turkish muslims, that happen to be islamists.

Ok, talk about a 180 degree turnaround.

Add to this the animosity between the US and Russia, we have a new world order indeed. But just a skewed, unatainable order in the view of at least us Europeans. I mean, what is really the idea about fighting Russia. Yes, there is Ukraine, but apart from that, Russia is a partner in business, and they like us.

At the other hand, why abandon the fight against Isis? I mean here in Denmark, we democratic fighters against islamism have, some of us, almost made it out of solitary confinement, because we fought Isis, so now we should be in on the acceptance of Isis?

Seriously, there hasnt even been a acceptance of what we did, so the reconciliation should be between free Isis members, and jalied democratic/humanistic islamcritics?

Are you totally out of your mind. The wounds after Charlie Hebdo and the attack against the Vilks comitee hasnt even remotely healed, and we have numerous, daily attacks against the civil population all the time. So you want to talk peace to someone who are still jalied. At least, let us out of the jail, recognize the massive work we have done for the west, and maybe then we talk about it. Oh, and by the way, please stop the daily terrorattacks as well.

This leaves Denmark in a really hard spot. Maybe rest of the Europeans powers kind of feel the same feeling of unreal we feel here in Denmark?

This again leaves a power vacuum to take up for the European powers, becuase IS is still a very viable threat in the Middle East, and the process of abandoning the slavery of being tools for the world powers proxy war has begun.

I mean, whý is it, that the Middle East should fight the wars between Russia and the US?

There must be a middle ground here somewhere. Maybe the Middle East should just step back a bit, and leave the worlds bickering and problems. Maybe that is not such a bad idea.

I dont really know, but I do know, that abandoning the fight against IS makes absolutely no sense from where I am standing, and I hope, that at least some of the European Powers can see the folly leaving a fight we were actually winning.

G-d bless the fight we will continue against a foe of unimaginable terror.

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The peace process

Well, now the West seems to have stopped supporting the anti Isis coalition of most of the world including most major powers in the Middle East.

Add to this, the Kurds are kind of caught in the middle.

What is essentially happening. It is, sorry to say, the West that is reverting to its default state of not really understanding the Middle East, and not really caring either.

The nuanced, respectful, deep, religious understanding that the Obama administration showed in the Middle East has been changed with a numb, disrespectful understanding, that really puts the sacrifice that the Kurds did to fight Isis in a poor light. 50.000 men the Kurds sacrificed to fight this evil, a sacrifice, that is now forgotten by the West, as it is importing Isis to the West to give Isis safe haven.

What do we do? I mean, the peace project, the stability that we gave the Middle East. Israel as the great harbinger of truth, honesty and peace.

It is not understood or respected by the West anymore.

So what do we do?

The only reasonable course for the Middle East is to do its own thing. I mean, maybe the West have gone back to not understanding the moral maze of the Middle East, the “Lawrence of Arabia” process is over, seen from the West perspective.

For now at least, hopefully a new administration in the White house will accept and take up the beacon of peace again in a future constellation. At least to me, it seems, that some of the liberal future candidates seems to buy into the advanced understanding of the Middle East as a possible solution to the conflicts.

So my advice is, forget about the West right now, and let us just continue to make an serious ecumenical attempt at finding common ground. Perhaps the newfound sympathy for Islamic State will vane after a few years, and the inevitable terrorist attacks.

But the rest of the religious world should, to my mind, try to find common ground, and find peace.

This will be difficult, especially for Israel that is traditionally allied with the US. But this process is something that should last for more than just ten years, it should be an eternal process to make peace in the world.

It is difficult, but we need to think ten, twenty and a hundred years from now. To a time, where there is a common ground between all the monotheistic religions, and we can choose to do it ourselves.

With a heartful thank you to the Kurds, that made this possible, essentially. They should be considered the good guys, as they are.

G-d bless the peace we can find.

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