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Holger Bech Nielsen

Ok, as we progress with the peace effort in the Middle East, that has to find a way to formulate the commonalities between the three religions to make things work, we inevitably have to take up questions in the department of physics.

Religion is, essentially a fight between good and evil, we support the angels and we fight against devils and Satan.

That is really the base of all three religions.

This off cause begs the question, is it real? Are there angels and devils and is the whole metaphysical realm actually something that is there?

Just leaving these questions aside, does not do anything for the peace process. People of faith believe in G-d and angels even if science does not.

But to get to a point, where we are actually realizing some of the potential of religion, not just as a artifact of pre-science, but truly having religion as a normal part of our daily lives, that people accept and see as something totally normal, we still have to build that bridge to physics as well.

I love physics, and I am actually trying to further our understanding within the realm of physics. I have tried to contribute to physics, by correction Holgers fault in the Big Bang theory. We HAVE to include centrifugal power into the understanding of genesis, that is the birth of cosmos.

I mean, that is a friendly attitude to physics. In fact, that could further the work of Holger Bech Nielsen, maybe and his big bang theory, which I, with all respect, think needs at least a check on the basic understanding of the process. Just to take away centrifugal power, does not make much sense to me.

Anyway, concerning the UNDERSTANDING of the metaphysical realm. I have beyond doubt, at least until someone proofs me wrong, proven, that G-d exist.

G-d is intelligence.

The question regarding the dark lord and angels is, essentially, does this intelligence that the classical philosopher Anaxagoras talks about have some kind of structure to it?

Is there something in it, that has form and shape, besides G-d?

Yes, that is my conclusion. After having worked a lot with it in practice, I can begin to see some kind of structure.

If you pray, you change your world.

If you do not heed the warnings about evil, it will drag you down, and there is a negative spiritual element to it.

Healing is also something you can do. I do it all the time, and it works.

So from my own experiments, which is how to test things scientifically, there is a tangible reality behind prayer, healing, angels, demons. It is there and it follows rules and principles.

It is not random.

The best argument is looking at the sheer empirical evidence of man. Why should mankind use healing, praying and all that, for all time, in all cultures, if it did not have an effect?

That is a pretty practical evidence.

There is a whole world beyond our senses, that we can interact with.

So, I hope that the peace process of the Middle East also gives religion some of its respect back as something real.

G-d bless the will to find a positive way in the world, and do good things, think good thoughts and speak well of each other.

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The things that unite

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Ok, I know that everybody are angry at everybody in the Middle East. Especially the conflict between Jews and Muslims is over the top.

Building bridges in terms of conflict deescalation and reconciliation is not exactly easy.

But, it is possible, we have done it before, and we can do it again.

At the core of the bridge building efforts, we have to be realistic about where those bridges are going to be built.

They are going to be build over the chasm of mainstream religion.

The understanding between mainstream Jewish faith and mainstream Muslim faith is where we can actually reach some kind of understanding.

I know, that the ways the different religions have evolved over the millennia are very different. Islam has delved into the marriage between law and religion. Judaism is all about the ancient metaphysical understanding of G-d seen through the lens of the cabalistic wisdom. Christianity is a marriage between Platonism and the new testament.

Add to this, the current constitution in Iran is a marriage between Democracy and Islam.

Not exactly systems that seem to be easy to find common ground on.

But, and this where I truly find, that there is hope. We share the same roots. Moses is a figure that we all revere. The founder of monotheism, there are all the stories of the Torah, that goes in between all religions, and, hopefully when we start to understand that we actually do all fight the same fight. That of good against evil, that of siding with the angels in opposition to the dark lord, we may find common ground. Because as we squabble and fight amongst each other, who do you think is the most happy?

The dark lord is having a lot of progress these days, evil is blossoming all around the world.

The true fight we are supposed to do is not amongst each other, it is to side with the angels.

That fight is what unites us.

G-d bless the will to find common ground, and may we find the will and the strength to fight for those who are in harms way of the devil.

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Political process

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Ok, here is some of my own experience with political compromise, that I have just been involved in.

In Denmark, we have tried to make solutions, that will actually solve the issues of CO2 burden on the environment, and make new ways of eating.

We succeed in this process, that ended up in a compromise in the Danish parliament.

This political process was extremely difficult, it came off the back of a terrible process of putting some fur producing farmers out of business. So at the time, it was a bit of a war going on.

The problem was, essentially, lack of understanding. The farmers did not understand the city dwellers, the city dwellers did not understand the farmers, and they all had their own agenda.

The way I helped make a compromise, was by interviewing the different parties. I interviewed the local Green Party, and I interviewed the most rebellious farmers, and we found a compromise, that was, essentially, to grow more trees instead of food.

Trees are good in the sense, that they absorb a lot of CO2, and can be used for buildings and so on.

All this was based on knowledge, I ran into some foresters of massive integrity and skill. It was quite amazing.

So by and large, by making things understandable to all, we found a way.

The same is to be done in the Middle East, except for the fact, that we do not have city dwellers against farmers (a conflict that is in itself very difficult) but three religions fighting over the same minuscule real estate called Israel.

How do we find a fair compromise of sharing the holy land?

That is really the question, we have to find an answer to.

Based on my experience with the farmers, I would recommend, that we, already now, see and get the political level engaged. We need all the movers and shakers to propose ideas, and see if we can find ideas, that will give us the needed answers.

It will not be easy, but if we are able to develop the situation, we may end up in what we call, for a lack of better description, political disruption, in a positive way off cause. A construct, that will be fair to all, Muslims, Jews and Christians.

G-d bless the will, to search for avenues of peace, and may we get there.

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Funding and a big thank you!

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Ok, guys, I just want to thank you for the support.

The Middle East peace process is getting along. It will take a while for me to get to Israel. The EU ticket that I am working on, is not released before 7-8 months. But I will get there and start doing dialogue. In the meantime, we will try and support the peace process from the blog here.

Then there is the election in the US, George Soros, maybe you should consider funding the Biden ticket through a prop up of so that it can support Joe?

Things costs money, and we need to use both money for eating as well as sleeping. So this is just a funding plea for George. I will off cause focus the writing here on the election. But I have to go and get a job, until there is money flowing in, so if I had the time to work on the election, it would actually be a bit more focused. Blogging is an oldfashioned way of communicating that started before we figured out how to make money on AI, adds and the like.

So, we are getting somewhere, and that is all thanks to you guys, who want the world to Change.

G-d bless the will to bring hope to the world, and may we find it much more peaceful.

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Peace in the Middle East

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Ok, things are kind shaping up in relation to the peace initiative in the Middle East.

As for preparation, the EU is in. I am, right now, working on a grant, that will allow me to come to the Middle East, and try and make amends by sharing ideas and foster dialogue.

It will be happening in a month and a half.

This means, that I have some support within the progressive camp, and they agree with me as to work on peace project with the means of humanistic dialogue.

Add to this, there has been a lot of attention going on from the aristocratic side as well. I have been friends with the British royal house for many years, and mutual support is off cause what friendship is all about.

Add to this the Jewish aristocrats, that seem to show an avid interest in the process. Please, you are more than welcome. It is, in a more deeper and profound sense, your project that seems to bear fruit.

So, however you wish to attend of be a part of the peace process, you are welcome.

There is off cause a relation to the Arab kingdoms, that seem to be comfortable with a progressive royalty, so they are in as well. I have had some connection to Abu Dhabi, but also Dubai seems to be interested, as far as I can tell.

The Iranian side seems to be a bit holding back, awaiting the situation and how everything falls into place. So, we will see. But off cause, we need the leaders of Iran to be a part of the peace project. They should be able to see themselves in the ideas of project, and generally feel, that they are a very respected partner.

At the global level, there is Russia and the US, that seems to be in agreement with me, that peace is preferable to a ramping up of forces and war.

Lastly off cause and this actually the most crucial part. The peoples of Israel and Palestine as well as the West Bank. Must be able to see themselves in a peace process. So it really hinges on the peoples that are in war. We can do so much as international community, but those who are fighting are those who are going to make peace.

So, the reconciliation is between in a sense brothers who are angry with each other.

This can be either worse or better. We hope this initiative will make it better.

G-d bless the will to unite the Middle East under a banner of grace and understanding. G-d bless the peace process, may it be realized, so that the suffering of people will stop.

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The European Union

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I have been invited into the family of Bruxelles, and they are actually supporting me these days.

It is pretty amazing, and to be honest, also a life saver.

So one of the main things, that I am going to try and do, is to support the European Union in its realization.

It is very difficult, because the Union is very diverse in the sense, that the culture varies a lot from east to west and from north to south.

At the heart of this question lies the problem; how do we organize the European Union, so that it will actually work.

The election is coming up, and after the election, there will be a lot of discussion on that subject.

Already now, I think we have to take the bull by its horns, and start discussing what we do after the election.

I hope to be able to work across Europe, as I am planning to get a European wide debate project going on after the election.

But we have to be realistic about the process, it will take a lot of time to realize.

There will be extensive discussions on the subject of the European Union and how we make it a minister for all of the Europeans.

So my advice is, maybe you should make a Horizon call, that adresses this process already now, so that we can be prepared for the process after the election. And it has to be like the call for Middle East peace process, a flexible and relatively fast frame around a discussion that has to encompass all of the European countries.

So we have start now already, and then, go on after the election.

Then we can end up with a constitution, that has the necessary amendments that the people of Europe will identify with.

G-d bless the will to find a positive frame around the European Union, may it find a new and positive path ahead.

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Well, concerning my blogposting yesterday discussing prayer and the soul as something spiritual.

These are my reflections. I know, that it is a massive leap in terms of philosophical as well and scientific thought. Relinking spirituality into science has not been done science the French Revolution.

But this is the Danish scientific revolution, so I hope that science is changing with this new renaissance.

First of all, it comes down to method. Science is, essentially platonism in the sense, that we adhere to the teachings of Plato that he tought his disciples in the small grove of Academus, the greek hero.

At a deeper level, Platonism is about finding and searching for truth. Plato describes this in many ways. First of cause in his famous cave allegory, where he describes humanity at the bottom of a cave, and the philosophers outside the cave trying to get the light (truth) into the cave. This the job.

He then elaborates with Socrates and the fight Socrates has with the government, because he does not want to shut up. You have this amazing painting of Jean Luc David depicting Socrates making a point while as he drinks his cup of Hemlock, effectively becoming the first martyr of free speech.

This inspired Voltaire, that inspired the American revolution.

At the core of this point is, that we should look and search for truth (enlightenment) at the cost of ridicule, persecution, and all that.

The exact thing that will happen to you, if you truly are honest about science. I can attest to this myself. I car barely pay my rent these days.

Looking at spirituality, this idea has been quite successful in debunking the power structure and conventions. It has lead to the extreme, that we do not believe in G-d anymore.

This is where I believe, that there is merit to the Danish renaissance. Because, as I see it, we have come too far. Just shutting up spirituality may have been the right thing to do 250 years ago. But there are a lot of necessary functions of religion, that we need to hold on to. In a positive sense, spirituality is a source of stability, good, mercy, family, treating the person besides you, as you would treat yourself.

And it can be an amazing journey into a realm that is very opaque, but yet positively life changing.

Take the AA for instance. Just think about all the wretched souls, that that religious community has done good for.

I respect the argument, that it can be abused, and it has been abused numerous times in history. But right now, we need it, to make balance again, as I see it.

I am a metaphysician, which is the scientific branch of religion. I use all the methods that science use; I work with empirical knowledge, I have put myself a rigorous process of trying to be absolutely true to what my data shows me.

The issue with spirituality is, that it is a realm of opaqueness. But I mean, that is what it is when you work with either the physical side of it, or the metaphysical side of it.

Niels Bohr concluded that light is made of both particels as well as waves, because he could see that what was going on.

I conclude, that there is a G-d because all empirical knowledge points to that conclusion. Add to this the argument of Anaxagoras, the very teacher of Plato, that G-d is intelligence.

This then gives merit to the world of spirituality; healing, praying and so on.

It is difficult to really understand what is going on, and I have worked extensively with these issues for my whole life, and I only get to understand a glimpse of it, to be honest.

But it is real, and we have to embrace that, I guess.

G-d bless the will to be open to the Danish Renaissance.

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Ok, these are my reflections concerning prayer. I know, that there is the Middle East conflict, that I have to support. But, I mean the King Charles III is really sick, and we need to support him too.

It is like this, to my theoretical and practical knowledge.

Each person has a halo.

In religious iconography you see the halos as rings around the heads of the saints.

But actually a more precise description would be to describe it as all around each person. Actually all life has this halo around it.

Some call it the spiritual body. As you have a physical body, you also have a spiritual body.

In psychology you call it the subconscious. It is the same concept, with a few differences. But all in all, the science that goes with the subconscious is the same as what we in religion call a halo or a soul.

You can be sick in your physical body, and you can be sick in your spiritual body.

But the thing is, these two bodies interact. So if you have a trauma, which is a wound on your soul, this often is seen as having a physical reaction.

People who are truly hurt on their soul are often having very poor health. And people who have a healthy soul will have a healthy body.

So this is as it is, as far as I can tell, from a spiritual/psychological perspective concerning health.

What do you do to get better? You target your health at both levels. You seek to get a healthy soul in a healthy body.

This is one of the reasons you enter a community, and seek to be together in positive relationships. Sing and have fun with your family and friends, healthy relationships.

The angels and demons

There is also the deeper level of understanding health, and that is solely spiritual.

My experience is, that most diseases have some kind of spiritual connection.

I am, in all humility, a good healer. I heal myself, my kids and friends. I am never sick actually.

The Catholic church is very famous for its exorcists. I know that this is the rare cases, where people are wholly possessed by some negative entity of some kind. That leads to massive unhealthy conditions. Abuse of all kinds, and real unhealthy living. The church, the faith of both Islam and Judaism is all about fighting for the good side. We side with the angels, in the battle for good in this world.

Disease is a part of this. Even relatively mild diseases often have some kind of negative spiritual element in it. That is why prayer work. Because you call upon the angels to help you in the fight against the sickness. The stronger your credits are with the angels, the more they will help you. That is why some people are better healers than others. Because some people have, through a lifetime of prayer, become friends of angels and G-d.

These people can call upon their angelic friends and call upon them to help some of their own friends.

It is a bit like work out, the more you put into it, the stronger you get.

And it is about passion. Angels respond to faith, the deeper and more profound your faith is, the more the angels will respond.

This is my experience. I could also reflect on it from a science/physical perspective. But I mean, these processes are, at its best opaque.

All physical as well as metaphysical processes are opaque. So it is guesswork, most of it.

But at least, these are my own experiences, that I have lived through.

You get to a state, where you are protected. I am protected. I have just walked through a fire, where most of my compatriots have fallen. But I remain, why? Because I am protected by the angels.

But I must say, that it is something I use a lot of time on, praying for peace, for health, for abundance.

You could do the same, if you want to get to healthier lifestyle.

You choose yourself, do you go with the Angels or Satan?

Choose the angels, if you want a healthier life. It is something that is a lot more longerlasting and will eventually give you happiness and peace.

G-d bless the peace we will find in each of our lives, G-d bless the King Charles III and may he recover.

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The Middle East

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Ok, the situation regarding the Middle East, and my personal involvement is this.

My personal involvement is moving in the right direction, with astounding pace.

I have had some very positive experiences with the EU process, a few days ago, I had the supreme honor to attend a meeting held I Ramallah with some of the leading Palestinians.

It went quite well, in the sense, that I, from my perspective, had the opportunity to get a bit of a feeling for, how people are feeling in Ramallah. It’s tough, and it is not easy.

But all in all it will take a lot of time, that is really my conclusion, after having reflected on the meeting for a few days. There is the proces of making all the documentation, that is required, there is the gap of massive distrust, that we have to find a way over. Add to this, there is the regional conflict we have to take into consideration.

But, we are slowly, turning some of the horrible conflicts around.

I will not be coming to the Middle East, at least 1 1/2 month from now, due to all the documentation, that has to be in order, to make a endeavour of this magnitude. That is how it is, things of this kind takes time, we have to be 100% sure, that there is no waste of money, and all the funds are used for exactly the right purpose. Which is important, when you get funds from tax payer money. Everything has to be in order.

But, we can, in the meanwhile, maybe try and push the peace process further.

G-d bless the will to find peace in the Middle East.

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Ok, just to clarify. I invited Elon and Mark to Denmark. All and any of my friends, are off cause more than welcome.

This is how I see friendship.

When I was a kid, I didn’t have an easy life. My mom was a single mom, my dad was not there anymore.

So we lived in a pretty poor neighborhood, and the friends available there were not of the highest quality.

So, there wasn’t much to learn from, trying to understand what was to be a good friend.

So I struggled, and started to get interested in philosophy. There weren’t much else to do, to be honest.

My mom did what she could to inspire me, so she gave me this wonderful book of a Norwegian philosopher that was heavily inspired by Aristotle.

To kind of cut to the essence of these brilliant thinkers, they had the point, that good friends are carried by good values. To be a good friend, you need to SHARE values. If your friendship is carried by a common idea or purpose, your friendship will be of the greatest kind.

So that is what I see in friendships, and it is also a path for international politics. Because international politics is essentially carried by the relationship between the leaders of the different countries. Some you are friends with, others not.

Like my friendship with Obama. Man, I like him. I admire him so much, he is amazing. So I go the extra mile, we share ideas, we try and make the world a better place.

We fought a lot of battles together.

So, maybe this is what we can learn from Aristotle. To be a good friend, you need to share values, and fight for those values together.

G-d bless the will to do good, think good thoughts, and do good actions.

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Lets meet!

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It seems to me, that my “friendship” with Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg is kind of evolving into something more than just being onlinefriends.

I get it, Elon has had a rough time, but he seems to be getting around it. Way to go Elon, I know that it has been a rough time. But you learned, and got over it. That’s amazing man.

Anyway, let’s meet. I can’t move around like you can, I am an older generation. We do not make any money us ancient bloggers. So the transportation is on you guys 🙂

If you want to come to Denmark, you are also more than welcome 🙂

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King Charles III

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Dear Charles, it really chocked me, to hear about your current disease.

I am so, so sorry. I know how these things can be a burden.

I wish it was different, but at the other hand, you have to take the things that life throws at you, and make the best of it.

Here is my advice, from having been sick a number of times, and having worked as a healer and caretaker. Diseases are a way of life. It talks to you, in the sense, that there is a reason for the disease to be there. If there is a stress somewhere in your life, try to get rid of it. A healthy lifestyle is about caring for the world around you. Make sure, it is as stressfree as possible.

Then G-d will help you, pray, be humble in the face of G-d.

G-d is a powerful healer.

Then there is Catherine. The same, pray for her. Make everybody see her for what a wonderful person she is.

I have prayed a lot for both you and Catherine the last week or so. This has helped a bit. But all the prayers you receive after you publicized your health problems will strengthen you in your battle against the predicament.

And then, diseases you get in life are always there to try and teach you something. Make you stronger. This disease is there for you to understand something. At least, this is my experience.

I had a horrible disease at a young age. I almost died of a concussion. I laid in my bed for two year, just looking at the ceiling, watching my life disappear. It tought me the value of faith, because G-d saved me. After praying with all my heart for salvation and help, my disease slowly dissipated. The disease is still with me, as a whisper of olden times, telling me, to appreciate life at its fullest, and live a life of measure. Make it count.

You have an amazing time ahead of you, with the position you have, you can do a lot of good in this world. You can do this at any time.

G-d bless the health of Charles III, may he recover swiftly.

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Adorno and the Frankfurtherschool

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Well, one of the things, that I have worked quite a bit with is the Frankfurterschool. My own university Roskilde University Center was a part of the Frankfurterschool, and I read a lot of Jürgen Habermas when I were a student.

The Frankfurterschool has a very deep root in the US as well, after the war, the leading intellectuals of the Frankfurterschool Adorno and Horkheimer were there as refugees, because they fled the persecution of the nazies.

This is, essentially the root of the left, if you can say so. Woke, is a child of the Frankfurterschool.

Alinsky was the communicator of the ideas of the Frankfurterschool, and so on and so forth.

In a sense, you can say, that my philosophy is a continuation of the ideas of Horkheimer, Adorno and Habermas.

Denmark is, more or less, a part of Germany, after all.

What I have done, in relation to American philosophy, is to include philosopher as Henry David Thoreau, the philosopher behind the civil rights movement and the idea of non violence.

But, I have done a lot of thinking myself, and I have been inspired by Hegel, that Marx originally rebelled against.

In that sense, I am in the line of Hegel, Marx, Adorno, but with my own ideas and realizations.

For instance, I believe there is a g-d.

When we look at the current situation from that perspective, we must see, that there is a way out of the whole situation, if we look at what Adorno truly preached. He preached dialectic humanism, and he was a Christian.

In that sense, I believe we are not so far from each other. Ok, I am a Jew, but Adorno were very much into Kierkegaard, that is a Danish philosopher. A Christian Danish philosopher.

My point is, to really understand what Adorno ment, we need to see him in his own world.

He was all for dialogue, and was, essentially a humanist with a religious bend.

He was not a warmonger, he wanted peace and wanted people to be humane again. He had seen mass hysteria and warmongering, and almost died from that.

He was, essentially, a gentle man.

At least, this is what I get out of reading him.

So, we need to, if I understand Adorno right, to initiate dialogue and be humane.

G-d bless the will to understand the liberal leading lights and see them for what they are today.

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Well, the thing is with the current development of the world; we need to be able to reach over the aisle. But in order to do that, we also need to find compromises.

I know, that a lot of liberals do not like, that we have to accept borders. But if we pound down that road, not listening to the conservatives, then we end up in all these horrible conflicts.

When Hillary and I discussed it, we tried to find some kind of compromise, to reach out for the right, and make friends.

There is a time for uncompromising attitude, and a time for dialogue.

As a friend of mine has said, we need to be wary. But that does not mean, that we should not try and make some kind of compromise, if it is possible.

These compromises are often pretty painful, for both sides. But if they are good, they can make things calm down.

I am not saying that we should do compromises that are behind our red lines, but if there is a way to find peace within our red lines, we should definitely do that.

The diplomatic process is then all about trying to make people come back in between the red lines.

G-d bless the will to do good, have good thoughts and good action.

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The Workers

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Joe, we are getting there. The key to your success lies in your connection to the workers of America.

It has been pretty obvious to me here in Denmark, and we won with Barack by promising to REBIULD America.

It really warms my heart to see how the workers are taking you in. You are on a track there, very good.

The reason why they are the true key to success is the fact, that they are swing voters.

They are the ones who are truly disgruntled with us, when it comes to borders and so on. I know it is hard to say and know, you know. But that is really where the problem is, and you have to acknowledge the problem to solve it.

The wonderful thing about this is, that they are your background. Working class, proud craftsmen, organizing, standing up for their rights to have time with family as well as just working.

They are amazing, and they are your background, that is not that bad. They are strong and proud.

So listen to what they have to say. I have done that here in Denmark, and they want us to work with the industry owners.

They want to sit, proudly at the end of the table at thanksgiving and be able to say, that they have made it, in the sense, that they have a family around them who are healthy and have a future.


If you talk to your background, you can also reach others, because success rubs off. And when the Americans in general realize, that you have really fought for the workers, they are going to love that part of you.

G-d bless the will to understand who your true audience is, and listen to them. G-d bless the victory we can win.

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