Joe, you have to release Kamala. I know, that you yourself try to reunite the country across the different political understandings. But, you need help, and that help is right besides you; Kamala.

She has all the vibrancy and charisma to reach right and left.

So, let her do her thing. Let her go here and there, let her speak up and do all the things she is best at.

I know, that this might be intimidating for Kamala, but that is politics, it is so increadibly hard. But there is only one way to Change things, and that is to get out there in the mix, and start the speaking and reaching out.

Kamala has the potential, she just needs to start doing it.

Healing is about outreach.

Let Kamala go to the Trump camp, and initiate the dialogue.

Ask them for at cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Let them know, that you and Kamala LISTEN to them.

Healing is essentially about dialogue and communication.

Dont just do your thing, but try to listen to the disgrumpled and angry.

Here Kamala is your best card, hands down.

G-d bless the will to do good in this world, and try to listen to the other end of the table.

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