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A lot of the ideas, that Barack and I had, have now become a integral part of the Democratic Party. Let me explain.

First of all, economics.

Barack and I criticized the movement of jobs from America to overseas, especially to China. This took jobs from a lot of hard working Americans, and left them in poverty. Whole cities that used to be dynamic working class cities have ended up in ruin, as Detroit among others.

So we set out to get the jobs back, and we suceeded actually. This is the reason why the US is in good repair these days, and the jobs are there. Especially working class jobs. That is also jobs for people of a Latin American, African and Middle East background. Not only classical workers.

How did we do that?

Well, by understanding the mindset of businesspeople, and understanding the theory behind free markets.

First the business people. There are, roughly, two kinds of business people. The good guys, and the bad guys. The good guys are hard working industrialists, who are very patriotic. They build things, and support the local community with money for education health care and so on. They care. Like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

What they are really into, is making wonderful products, not just making money.

At the other hand, there are the consultants and private equity. They have no responsibility towards anything, country, faith or anything. It is all just a matter of making money. So they have been behind most of the outsourcing of jobs. As we called Mitt Romney “chief of outsourcing”. That is not good for the American worker, that is not good for the American economy, and it is extremely bad for the military, because the military is dependent on a strong industry.

So what we did was to support the good guys like Apple and Microsoft, and punished the bad guys like the outsourcers.

This is a TWO WAY method. Only punishing will not work, only supporting will not work either. It is about supporting the good guys and punishing the bad guys.

The beauty of the method is, that the business people are often in agreement. They are also Americans, and most of them are loyal towards the country, they just need a little prodding.

So, instead of seeing the business people as inherently bad, we need to see them for what they are. Some bad, some good.

A positive take on the issue is off cause, to focus also on some of the good guys. Put up Apple as a good example. They moved a lot of their production back to the US. I mean, they are a leading company, we should promote their loyalty towards the working class. They are themselves liberal.

Also Facebook are liberal, and they keep a lot of the production in the US. Another good example.

My point is, the strategy was taking in a method that used both stick and carrot. Only using stick is seen as bad manners, and honestly it alienates a lot of American business.

Capitalism is at the heart of the US, but sometimes is looses its loyalty towards the country, and then it is ok to step in. But if it keeps its loyalty, it should have all the praise, tax reduction and general approval we can give it. Because industry contributes a lot to solve all kinds of problems, and pushes the country forward in a positive manner.

Making ALL business villains is not a good thing, we need to be sharp on the nuances of these issues.

Do that, and the country as such will prosper, not to mention that it makes a lot of jobs to working class people.

G-d bless the will to see things as they are in a complex world, and use a bit of wisdom.

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