North Korea

Congratulations mr. Trump, well done. I never saw it coming, but making a peace deal with North Korea as just as big a deal as when I did it with Iran.

Same, same. This is my experience with the Iran deal, that you may use with the North Korea deal.

First of all, you need to worry about your allies in the area. When we made the Iran deal, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other allies in the area were really worried. So worried, that mr. Netanyahu used a lot of his political capital on eroding it. As he actually suceeeded with.

So they worry, and you need to easy their worry, especially towards China, that is expanding, and needs to be tackled.

I still opt for an all out war on China, fast and overwhelming before they reach a military capacity we have difficulty to beat.

Secondly, they made the deal, because you or we are strong. That is very good. They used to walk over us, now they actually do what we say.

Make a distinction between enemies and allies here. I support you in many of your claims on military budget, you are right about that. But allies has to be tackled like friends, or business partners. Being too pushy will just push them away.

Thirdly, take a look at the long term strategy. It is as probable as Amen in the Church, that the military push China is doing will become more and more difficult to tackle.

So find every option to kill their business, shore up allies in the region and so on. Isolate them if possible.

Eventually this will end up in a warm war, so we need to be realistic about it, prepare for it.

G-d bless the will to be understanding and sharp on priority.

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