No deal or deal?

The election in the UK is really problematic. Specifically in the conservative camp, where mr. Farage and mr. Johnson are two combatants fighting over the issue of Brexit. They are both Brexiteers, but have two different takes on, what Brexit is.

To mr. Farage it is no deal, to mr. Johnson it is deal made with the EU.

Let me give you a bit of a taste of what we experience right now in Denmark, maybe this could shed some light on what will happen if we make a deal.

I have just been instrumental in devising a rejection of ISIS warriors return to Denmark. The political agreement went through the entire parliament, and gave the ruling Socialdemocrats a huge boost in terms of electional support.

That is all well, but then the EU went into the issue, and have done two things. Firstly they have decreed that Denmark should accept more migrants. Not directly targeted at the ISIS issue, but as a probable spin off of the discussion here in Denmark. It was decreed by the ECJ, that is the judges of the EU. We cannot but say that we do not like the verdict, we are powerless in face of the ECJ. Hence there is no freedom there.

Secondly, and that is even more worrisome. The EU has financed a report branding Denmark all kinds of evil things as Islamophobes and so on and so forth. We have been very careful to not target all Muslims in condemning ISIS, I mean few other Muslims like ISIS.

So condemning ISIS cannot be islamophobia.

But even worse, the EU has worked together with mr. Erdogan of Turkey on the report.

That is the virtue of the EU, and something the UK could be met with, if the UK does not tear itself free from all the strings attached.

Therefor, my idea of a Brexit is, as mr. Farage, no deal. That is the only way that the UK is absolutely sure, that it is not confronted with absurd demands by the bureaucracy.

I like some of the stances of the EU, but the way they have treated Denmark lately is not ethical in any way. We are very careful not to tread on anyone’s toes, specifically not all Muslims. We differ.

So such a blunt attempt at controlling the migration efforts and reflection of Denmark is abuse of the vested power into the EU.

You should see the EU for what it is, and act accordingly.

G-d bless the will of the people.

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