New strategy in the face of adversity

Listen Joe, I think you have to face the fact, that the Build back better plan is not going to fly.

Why? Because it lacks focus. I think there is a great willingness in the Republican Party, to find reconciliation, but you still need to make plans, that they will truly accept.

So here is an idea for a better strategy.

Carve the plan up.

One plan for climate change, one plan for infrastructure development and one plan for job creation.

There is still the “Obama care” part that is really the problem of the build back better plan. The right wingers see it as some kind of crypto communist plan. It is not, but you need to see it from the Republicans perspective to win them over.

So this is my advice. Take the parts of the plan you CAN agree about, like investment in infrastructure and some kind of tax reduction for the producers of America (make sure that the union is in on this), and then take it from there. You need to take it one step at a time.

What you are trying to do, from an economic standpoint, is to use both Obamanomics, that is investment in good worker/production capabilities and at the same time using my predecessor Keynes.

You know, I am not keen on Keynes, it is often just a waste of money, but Americans are really tired of all the terrible roads, so from a long term investment perspective, it makes sense.

This ties up the the strategy of cutting supply lines to China. Republicans must, at least, realise the good thing in supporting patriotic American companies.

From there on, if you get that through congress, you can slowly develop the other parts of your political projects.

Energy development in the department of climate seems to be the best cross the aisle project. Find new and innovative ways to make energy. We are pretty far with green energy production to use as fuel here in Denmark, maybe Mette Frederiksen can help you with that.

Anyway, don’t despair, find a new way. We can do this Joe, all we need is a little grit.

G-d bless the will to be consistent and productive in the face of adversity.

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