New roads

Well here we are again, back at the helm, trying out very best to Change things in a direction that seems both viable and serious.

I sincerely believe in compromise. I know that that is in fact what was lacking in the last presidential cycle due to mr. Trumps unconventional style, but be as it may. He was a fighter, and he fought for what he believed in.

Loosing an election is difficult, I tried it with Hillary. But, seriously as any independent businessman will confirm, loosing is a part of the game. There will be a turn of events at some time. I mean, now I am back as a central intellectual after four years, I mean, I thought it was over.

So Donald, as the highlanders used to say; Scotland is never defeated unless you yourself is defeated.

Now, there is a host of problems we need to address. First and foremost the difficult situation with China.

War is probably going to come, so we need to be prepared for that. Not least the military, that needs to have all the necessary preparations in order. How the war is going to start, we will see. But it will be a very difficult war and since it has been peace in the US since the south/north wars 150 years ago, the Americans have grown accustomed to peace.

What we need to do, is to make sure, that the war is as small as possible, and we do not end up in an annihilation scenario as the fight between Carthage and Rome. We may, at both sides see this as an impossible thing, that China will disappear or the US will disappear, but Carthage is no more, and it was a thriving culture for millennia.

So a predictable show of force, and a focus on our own strength, building our production base again and trying to compete with China is very important.

The Chinese are definitely not stupid, they had just grown accustomed to the fact that we did not treat them as an enemy, now we do, because we have to.

So they are wising up.

One of the main strategies we could use, is to be a part of alliance building, something Barack started on. Find our friends again, and make sure, that the Chinese tech and money stays out of their countries. This should be done in a diplomatic way, but it should certainly be done.

The UK is in a dire need of an ally, and Denmark will always be with you, so that at least is a good starting point. But make friends and reach out.

We are all in a state of competition.

Lastly there is the peace deal in the Middle East, again here is an option to reach out to the EU. Again, here I have a stake, because I live in the EU, and they are also a part of the game, but the EU was very much invested in the Iran peace accord. This is a very delicate diplomatic work however, involving Israel, so we should be very careful not to ruffle the feathers of the Israelis, they are the number one ally in the region. I am a Jew myself, and my family almost got guttered in the Second World War, fleeing to Sweden, so I can very much empathize with the project of Israel, I am a Zionist myself.

But I am able to have a dream of peace in that region.

So here again, there will be a lot of going back and forth, but with the right mindset and with a good friendship with European countries, it can be done. But it has to be diplomatic.

Finally, be careful with the identity movement. It is too far out to my mind. What the Americans need to president to be, is a symbol of the republic. An honest, g-d fearing family man, who care about the country, and tries to defend its interest.

That is the American way, and going too far down the identity track is very dangerous it will fan the bipartisan flames again, and people need to see unity and things working again, not the opposite.

Try to find the middle ground and help both the poor, the middle class and strong, together in unity.

G-d bless the peace we can ultimately find.

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