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I have often wondered about political science. It seems such a shallow endeavor. 

Being a polymath, I work in different sciences; politics, metaphysics, law, economy, art, business ethics, pedagogical methods, science methodology and many more. Among them a penchant for magic in a classical sense.

When you read all these different subjects, you tend to notice, that the different subjects have a different knowledge of the classical outspring. Metaphysics as one is very well connected to Plato and Aristotle. These again are well connected to Egypt, Mesopotamia and the well of ideas that is from from the birthcradle of humanity. 

The same goes for law, that truly recognizes its classical foundation. 

Not so with politics. Off cause you need to know your classics in politics as well; Rousseau, Machiavelli perhaps even Plato. But the political environment today is all about identity politics. Seriously? 

I mean, identity politics is all just the last vestiges of Frankfurterschool Marxism, that again were just the dying breath of mainstream Marxism. 

So political science has ended up in a dark ally, with a knife in its hand, due to the fact, that there seems to be no other way out. So rather commit some kind of tragic scientific suicide, than truly opening up to the plethora of ideas and wonderful principles that our civilization is based upon. 

Just take this one; I am reading about the Phoenicians for the time being. The Phoenician, for those who do not know them, were seafaring peoples of the Mediterranean. They are, among other things, the inventor of the Cabbalistic tree, an early inspirer of Christianity and the culture that gave os Hannibal and his war elephants. 

This unique culture was special, since it had no army, but rested on diplomacy alone to make its gain. 

Just imagine that. An empire without an army. Perhaps they had a few tricks up their sleeve?

Why do modern political thought not invest in discussing these principles and ancient ideas?

Because they do not even know that they are there. I only know it, because I am interested in metaphysics, so I go about checking things out in the ancient land, because a lot of secrets and ideas are buried there. 

I truly hope, that politics start to get interested in its own tradition instead of dabbling with unsound ideas, that lead political science into black and dangerous alleys.

G-d bless the will to make a renaissance in the political sciences, we need that now.  

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