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There has been a lot of discussion on the topic of my philosophy. Right now it actually hits home the deepest in the Eastern European countries, where the Christian-democratic society is really thriving.

Well, one could say, as some have, that it is racist and this and that. But essentially it is not that, it is simply the design made by Aristotle. According to him a Democracy is pinned on a base of well functioning families.

So it is more a combination of religion and democratic theories that has made the theory that I have made.

But at the end of the day, these are not new ideas, these are ideas faithfully delivered to the Eastern European countries directly from Aristotle. Honestly, that is the most sacred and high quality source you can get, only rivaled by Plato.

The beautiful thing about it is furthermore, that is works.

As a philosopher, you have ideas and thoughts, but usually you do not see in your lifetime whether your ideas work. But to my great appreciation my ideas really work.

So instead of the European Union going amok with the Eastern European countries, then learn, Change, adapt to the new reality and ideas.

Fascism stems from ideas that do not work. What happens is, that the believers in the ideas that do not work start forcing these ideas on the populace. Creating censureship, illiberalism and so on. Good ideas do not have to do this, because the people like these ideas.

That is the light of the nations, to give high quality ideas that suits the nations that needs them.

So Change, see the ideas that I give for the quality they have.

Don’t fight so much to keep the power, invest your lives and political careers into something that people really appreciate.

Central European politics suffers from too poor quality to my mind. At least, when I was in Belgium ten years ago with SIAD, that was my feeling.

Low quality ideas will give you low quality politics, and people will be unsatisfied. High quality will make people happy.

This is not to be condescending. I did not do this to antagonize anyone, but the spread the light to the nations. As all Jews should.

G-d bless the will to do good.

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