Climate Change as an idea and a philosophical trend in the world stems from the battle between German and British thought in the 18´th century.

At the time nature was a topic of discussion in the great halls of learning, and great leaps of understanding in what nature was, was done.

Among them, the crowning theory; that of Darwin.

But before and around Darwin there were many discussions, Linné, the Swedish botanist that defined the whole system of nature, Göethe, Herder and Kant that discussed the ideas from a Platonic as well as Aristotelean perspective.

So the discussion of nature, that has lead to climate Change ideas, are very deep, AND it talks to the rift between Anglo Saxon thought and German thought.

This whole discussion is what it really is about when we talk about the rift between religion and science. Because the Anglo Saxon as well as French thought drifted towards materialism German thought tried to cling onto spiritualism, but had eventually to give into the Newtonian ideas. Hence Marx and Nietzsche.

But to heal the academic world, we NEED to understand what was going on, and to understand the urge of the Climate Change workers to find spirit somehow, because that is what is truly beneath the whole Climate Change movement. We need to understand the ideas of the belle époque to move on today.

So here it comes.

Nietzsche proclaimed that G-d was dead, but that was AFTER Kant and Göethe made their call for a renewed spirituality. Politically this lead to Marxism, that is today non spiritual.

Marx taking a standpoint after Hegel.

So it makes sense, seen from a natural, climate perspective to go BEHIND Marx and Nietzsche and see where they came from.

As discussed before really the natural point of discussion is Göethe, that was a believer in the beauty of nature, and had a very profound understanding of nature. Göethe had several gardens that he tended and studied, a predecessor to Darwin, that went to Galapagos to do the same.

So what was the idea of Göethe concerning nature?

He was, and had always been a neoplatonist, so he grabbed onto the idea of a set of archetypes of life that is behind all life.

Plato had different understandings of G-d, one of them was, that G-d was good personified, and all good had a kind of blueprint that we follow.

So there was the archetypical idea of a plant and then the environment the plant or any other life lived in.

This was continued by Darwin who focused on the environmental side of the equation.

Me, I am an Empedochlean and an Anaxagorean. So, I do not hold the same ideas of nature as Göehte. Essentially I hold onto the idea that nature is continuous creation of life, and that G-d id the love in this creation (Empedochles). Add to this, that G-d is intelligence in heavens that is conveyed into nature through birth and goes back to heaven through death.

This is all derived from the epitome of Platonic thought, the book called Timeus of Plato (the book he holds in his hand in the painting above).

It took me a long time to research, and it is still ongoing.

But if we can push forth our understanding of science as well as spirituality in the light of Plato and Göethe we may just save our religious institutions as well as our world at large. Because the reason for our current predicament is faith in only the material realm, and that is important to understand. We need to heal ourselves as well as the planet.

G-d bless the will to Change and start the healing.

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