Usually the great leaps of development in Europe has been done by different kinds of magus, strange esoteric persons and alchemists.

People like Jung and Freud who invented psychology, Newton who reintroduced mathematics and physics in mainstream, Paracelsus who is modern father of medicine and so on.

We have a long tradition for a kind of fusion between science and the esoteric traditions of Europe.

Things have spun around differently. In England, the fusion is the most profound. Oxford is literally a temple of magic, my temple of magic at least.

In Germany the freethinkers were usually drunkards and geniuses.

In Denmark, the tradition I hail from, we are lonely philosophers. Like Kierkegaard you probably know.

Isolated in the tower of polished ivory.

I will try and be more polished if I am to make a renewal of EU politics. But seriously, a philosopher in the heart of Bruxelles, how would that ever go?

You know, I do not walk around with a suit on, but travel around visiting strange societies of freethinkers.

But then again, maybe Bruxelles could use a little magic. Who knows, the city seems pretty broken, so a little healing would probably be well received.

We will see, we need to do the attempt, and if it doesn’t work, well at least we tried.

Until then the philosopher needs to get his work finished, at least with the project plan. Then who knows, the magic might just come alive.

G-d bless the will to do right, and to try.

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