Mr. Sunak

Well it seems to me, that the new PM mr. Sunak, is actually not doing that bad. Wonderful with the new initiative regarding the border control.

Here are som reflections, that might help in that department.

First of all, security is really a very egoistic thing, if you are not hit, then someone else are. This is the problem with the sailing over the strait, it does not help France, if the sailing is stopped, then the migrants just end up in camps in France.

IF we are to cooperate with France, which is the most diplomatic and honestly fair thing to do. We have to make an arrangement, that actually helps BOTH countries, and does not harm the migrants too much.

It is exactly here, that the Rwanda model has its value. I know that there is a lot of negative sentiment against it in the EU. But I mean, what is the alternative?

If we do not do something, things will go even more out of hand.

The Rwanda model is essentially fair for all. The migrants can get an education and help in Rwanda, and the European countries will stop the migration flow, that is, honestly, extremely detrimental to the European countries.

But it has to be fair, and it has be done orderly.

Sadly, the current danish government has stopped its focus on the model, even though we were leading in this department, so this gives the UK an opportunity to be the leaders here.

I know, that the EU see it as unfair and so on, but you have to be a little realistic about the problems that we need to get under control.

If you have other ideas, that are better, please send them on, if not, maybe working on this, slowly, deliberately will turn the tide.

It has to be done humanely, but it nonetheless has to be done. Otherwise some of the very dangerous signs of even worse ideas, may just end up being the solution, and then my mid leaning ideas will seem like the only solution.

So think about it, make a deal with France, and then just get to it.

G-d bless the will to change the world in a sound and humane way.

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