Middle East

The current conflict in the Middle East was a long time coming. Question is; does it make any sense in an American perspective, and how does it tie into the security needs of Israel?

First of all; Israel is supposed to make peace, not war. The continuing saber rattling towards Iran does not create peace, it creates war. We are supposed to be the level headed and intelligent middle ground in the Middle East. Taking each side into consideration.

There was an unbalanced power buildup in the Middle East, and the Russian/Iranian side had had too much power due to the peace process that Obama did. 

This is unbalanced. But that does not give us the excuse to make a very aggressive campaign against Iran. It does give us the right to fight the proxy wars off cause. But we need to meet Iran on the level they are fighting us. 

I truly believe, that things are spiraling out of control. We need to take step back, reassess the situation, and look at our true priorities. Are we really interested in starting a fruitless war in the Middle East, putting young people in harms way?

What is it we want to accomplish but peace?

Not a naive or powerless peace, but a peace between equals.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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