Ok Joe, things are not looking that good.

First of all, it is because you have started a war in Ukraine. I really support mr. Zelenski, he is a very nice person. But the war is devasting and pointless.

Why? Because it is motivated by the fact that UKRAINE has shelled and bombed the Russians in Donetsk. So the Russians REACT to this. If you see it as an unmotivated agression from Russia, you do not really get the motivation of the Russians.

They are there to protect the Russian minorities. As a consequence, Russia has a lot of support in the Russian populace, becuase, they are themselves Russian, so they support other Russians from being shelled.

So, where does this leave you? It leaves you at a situation, where you need to MAKE PEACE!

Senseless wars is not a good thing. Just sending more and more weapons to the Ukrainians just makes more violence, more deaths and so on.

So what should you do. You should MAKE PEACE NOT WAR!

If you do that, you can actually concentrate on the Chinese advesary, that is a true geopolitcal opponent.

The next thing you need to do. Is to support India. India is an ally, and they are going through a Mohammed cartoon crisis. To be a leader, you need to support those you lead in a troubled times. Go to India, not to directly go against the muslims there, but to show solidarity in trying times for India.

The third thing you REALLY need to do, is to donate some money to Rubicon, because supporting UN does not give you anything, Rubicon does, and it is pretty difficult to help you, while as the danish authorities are suffocating me.

Anyway, you are supposed to MAKE PEACE. Do that and things will, albeit slowly, turn in your direction.

G-d bless the will to be a peacemaker not a warmonger.

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