Make a little peace?

One of the things, that really is a problem in the current state of affairs in regards to democracy, is the lack of understanding of mr. Bohrs project; the internet.

The idea was, that open source, open discussion would lead to higher understanding between the citizens of the world. Essentially the internet is a tool to provide for a public discourse. Ok, now it is used for a gazillion other things as well, but we still need to understand WHY it is there. It is a tool for democracy.

These days, because Mark and other do not understand what they have in their hands, it has the opposite effect as inteded. It was intended to build bridges and create dialogue, and now because Mark dreams of artificial lambs roaming the ubiquitous digital field, we end up in a situation, where there is no dialogue and understanding, but just warfare between right and left, and in all other discussion, where people are invested.

In order to fix this situation, one needs to mend the fences not create the fences. I know, the easiest way to make a bloguniverse like Facebook or YouTube is to make sure people with different understandings don’t talk to each other. But that is not the way a democracy works. Democracy works by bending the understanding of people towards each other. To create compromise and understanding. In fact this the very core of peace work.

The amount of peace that Facebook and other social media can potentially create is astounding. In fact, we can, if we understand the mission of mr. Bohr, to stop nuclear war that he made possible by building the nuclear bomb, REALIZE his ideas in the current climate of debate.

You know, everybody are in the rails about some part that they hate. Maybe it is time to CHANGE the direction, and make a little peace?

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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