Liberal Zionism

We are the brink of a possible war with Iran. I have fought to hinder this, and these are some of my more profound reflections.

Liberal Zionism is a trend, that, philosophically, has a root in Danish liberalism. I am not the first Danish/Jewish philosopher who have given something to Israel.

Herzl was the founding father of Israel, he gave us the constitution and the framework of the first Israel, at least this time around.

But philosophically and thus ideologically there was a contemporary of Herzl, and that was the Danish/Jewish philosopher Georg Brandes.

He was the leading humanistic philosopher of his time.

His ideas about enlightenment and humanism is what is the rock bottom, that liberal zionism stands on today.

So a reflection on his ideas and philosophy is what is good to think about in these days of strife and peace.

Brandes believed in a thing called “The highest enlightenment”. As I understand him, this is essentially an uncompromising search for the truth.

Truth will set you free, and serve as THE tool of Democracy.

It is also represented in the statue of liberty, the torch is the torch of truth.

You can also find a religious parallel in this idea, Michael the Archangel sets forth the sons of light. That is the fight for truth, Israel being the light upon the nations and so on.

But as a essential consequence of this; Israel is supposed to be a harbinger of light, in the sea of darkness.

This is how you find peace. Not only by walking with a big stick and talking softly, but also by criticizing and enlightening all corruption in the world.

This the legacy of Brandes, that through knowledge, wisdom and truth, can you find peace.

To be honest, the followers of Brandes here in Denmark, especially the party called “Kulturradikale”, that is cultural radicals, have not been truly able to follow this course, but has surrendered to the vilest and most destructive forces of the world. As they did with nazism, and now with islamism.

This is where I, as a follower of cultural radicalism have criticized the other liberals for not taking the virtues and values seriously.

The Obama peace process as I have been and able to help with underscores the value of Liberal Zionism, when it actually works.

I admit, that the Oslo accords was a flop. It did not work.

But I think that the rest of Israel most also admit, that what I did with Obama actually did work.

We brought peace to the Middle East. We united all the different factions of the Middle East, to fight who were the sons of darkness.

Following in the footsteps of Brandes and heeding the creed of the great archangel Michael.

That example should give som credit to Liberal Zionism, as it actually worked.

Because that is essentially the test; does it work. And it did.

G-d bless the freedom and peace of Israel.

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