Mr. Barack Obama is coming to Denmark in the end of september. This is an opportunity to begin the discussion on legacy. I am afraid, that we have to initiate it somehow. Otherwise people will not really believe in the skill we have applied to the process.

I tried to contact the local holder of the session that mr. Obama is attending, unfortunately they are pretty dismissive of an interview. I therefor post it here (sorry readers who are not really interested in what happens behind the curtains) due to the problems I have with this thing. We need to do it, to change the mood in the Democratic camp, and give a true narrative to what really happened under Barack Obama. We need to celebrate his achievements.

The subjects would be:

1. Peacedeal in the Middle East
– What happened first: The Arab spring and the values in that
– The fight with Ahmadinejad, and the diplomatic push to bring the peacekeepers of Iran to the fore
– The “make friends with the Middle East states” strategy
– The fight against IS, and the values behind
– The global alliance against IS and what it meant to American power

2. Economy
– The shift from Keynesian economy to “obamanomics” (The support of loyal production to America, Made in America)
– The support of American workers
– The role of China in this strategy
– The amazing succes of this strategy today

3. Civil rights
– The attempt to support at platform to unite the Americans
– The importance of the civil rights movement in the US
– How we may be able to create less friction in the US by making a common base for all to stand on

Method: Interview
Media: Film
Distribution: The US, hopefully some of the major broadcasters
Length: 30 minutes or more
Language: English
Location: In Kolding (needs to be arranged by business Kolding. We a room somewhere. I will bring the cameras and sound equipment)

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