Well, it seems to me, that the strategies that I have devised; the anti sino strategy, and the return to a liberal/conservative nation state is a serious strategy in the light of the Coronavirus.

Exactly these issues have come forth in the international catastrophe. 1. The fact, that we CANNOT rely on Chinese manufacture. Maybe for nonessential products, but all serious production capability, that being of medical equipement, IT infrastructure and so on. Simply cannot be put in the hands of China, or of any country we cannot trust around the globe. We have to bring production home. If the businesses haven’t got the gist of it now, when will they.

That is a national production package of tremendous proportion must be done. Use all the money we now seed into the societies to move the critical production from countries we do not trust, to countries we do trust. That is essentially the West and off cause parts of the East, as we can find new friends there.

But China, Singapore and all these countries, no go.

2. The federal level of state has failed us, it has not met the problems in any meaningful way. This should change, so that national parliaments should have power again.

We have a success with national parlimentarism, let us build on that.

So in a way, it has been a good thing to stress test the global world, and find the insecurities and flaws. It shows us what should be done.

As I and mr. Barack Obama devised; bring back jobs and production to the West, and strengthen the humanistic, democratic virtues and values.

That will bring us to the other side of the Corona virus in a strengthened position.

We need to learn. The lesson is clear; no more China, and no more weakening of the will of the people.

The people should rise, to meet these challenges, together in a democratic, sound nation.

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of adversity.

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