Law and anarchy

When you are young and angry, you want to Change the society NOW. Not tomorrow, not the day after, but now.

Be as it may, the direction of that Change, if it is to work has to be discussed and planned by people who are in the know.

Take the French and American revolution, that gave us Democracy and slave abolishment. This was inspired by some pretty heavy thinkers; Voltaire, Rousseau and a few others. Let me be clear about these eggheads, they were not young and brash, but mature and rebellious. They KNEW. Voltaire was a Platonist.

This was why the French and American revolution worked in the first place.

Now, there have been a lot of revolutions that kind of had the opposite effect. Take Venezuela, that is built of good ideas, that is good ideas on the surface. But these ideas are pretty shallow when it comes to the day to day work.

You cannot both make a huge state owned society, and expect people to work hard. Not unless you make a strong incentive like an ethical, moral case as the Spartans.

These things have to go hand in hand.

If not, the society crumbles.

Now, it may seem like a good idea to bring down the police and make an anarchistic society without the police. But the fact of the matter is, that without laws what you fall back on will be the rule of the strong.

You have to understand, that rule by law is a containment of the rule of the strong. The rule of the strong is the NATURAL rule. That is what happens in nature. Here the strong rule, by preying on the weak.

Law is made to PROTECT the weak. Thereby create a better and more lasting civilization.

It goes all the way back to Hammurabi, the Babylonian king and founder of law.

You can build an anarchistic society, IF you create an unbreakable allegiance to LAW.

Thereby ruling yourself.

That is the point of Marx.

Just skipping the step where people are brought to this higher level is, will all end up in tyranny.

You know, I am sorry, I wish it was otherwise, and nothing seems to change right now.

But don’t worry, we will change things from within.

Make the necessary educational reforms of the police, so that it gets closer to what it is supposed to do; serve and protect ALL citizens.

Thereby creating an equal footing for all, with no regards to skin color.

I have two daughters one is considered at brown girl, the other a white girl, judging on their skin. Both are my own flesh and blood.

You would wish a society for them, where they can both grow up to be a part of society, not judged by their skin.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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