We are going in the wrong direction with the Black Lives matter demonstration when it comes to the solutions we find.

I get it, the police does not protect or respect black people in many places. I get that, but defunding them will not solve the problem.

Police is a VERY important part of society.

Let me explain.

Socialism is a reflection of the greek city-state Sparta. Karl Marx was very infatuated with the iconic ancient city.

Communism is a reflection of Sparta.

Now, as we all know, communism has never been a good idea, and is opposed to Democracy, that is the creed and idea of the US.

But there are many socialists in the US also.

So how do socialist play a positive role in a democratic society.

They do it, by helping the disenfranchised and poor, those in need, right?

How do they do that?

They do it by law, at least that was how the Spartans did it.

Law is there to protect the weak against the strong.

You get a good story about this mechanism in George Orwells animal farm. What happened to all the ideals of the animals when realizing the Bolshevik revolution? It ended up in a dictatorship.

Why? Because there were no real mechanisms to realise the ideals.

How did the Spartans realise their ideals? They did it with an almost fanatic allegiance to law, equality; equality beyond the law. Social justice; let the law protect the weak.

See, law is the only tool, that will realise the ideals of socialism.

Now, I get it, if we do not have any influence on the law, it can be the opposite.

But no law, will only get us comrade Napoleon, and that is worse.

We need a new understanding of law, make sure, that law truly serves the weak and not the strong, has no colour blindness, and is above all citizens.

In this way, we can actually make a better society not a worse one.

Right now we are tearing down, not building anything, and that is a dangerous path to walk.

Tyranny awaits us at the end of that path, we have to be realistic about that.

Orson Welles was right about this, we need to clear our heads and be serious and progressive about this. Not destructive and just stupidly angry.

We need to build, not tear down. We need to make dreams available to everyone, not destroy peoples chances.

We need to make an Eden not a hell, as we are on the course of doing now.

G-d bless the United States of America, and may it prevail.

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