Ok, well, things are shaping up. We are on a new course, that will, hopefully, make a better America.

First of all, leaving the idea of unity, will bring America down. The United States of America has always been that, and should continue to be that; United.

So, please, stop the violence, the vilification, the accusations, and accept each other. Root for the white if you are black, and vice versa.

I have done that, and it felt ok. You know, I have done a lot of television here in Northern Jutland, talking to old white guys about climate change, and they are not racist.

But, and this is a thing, that has been unearthed in the whole Black Lives Matter protest, divisive though it may have been; police brutality.

As I have written, I know how it is.

But, we should not abolish the police, we should make it just.

Here in Denmark, there is just no way back. I don’t think that the police is interested in change and reform. They just want to control, and use illegal methods. They steal and punish without a verdict.

But in the US, it is different. The police is still very much an idealistic institution, and it is through this idealism, that there is a hope for transformation.

What we need to do, is to make the police more just.

Nobody can, in their true and right minds, oppose a reform of the police to make it better.

How do we do that?

We do it by discussion the idea of justice. The police is supposed to bring justice to the community. Justice is colorblind, in fact it is supposed to be blind, that is the very symbol of justice. A g-dess blindfolded weighing the scales.

That ability to look at justice blindly, without any personal investment, is what needs to be upgraded.

Do a reform, where justice is STRENGTHENED. Make a better policeforce, that is more capable, less corrupted, if there is corruption, and serves the law. Enforcing the law, on a rational and colorblind way.

In this way, we can solve the riddle, and keep the U.S. united.

G-d bless the will to make peace and keep the U.S. united.

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