Israel needs to wake up. We are slowly sliding towards a strategic situation that is not in Israels interest.

So far, we are still relatively neutral. But the push of Islamic Jihad and Hamas on Israel, is tearing at our relation with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the other Arab nations. This cannot continue.

Either we secure the relationship, or we loose the relationship. Yes, for now Israel still has a friend in mr. Putin, but if Putin is swallowed by the war in Ukraine, who knows what will come to the fore.

I know, that this seems pretty academic, but the fact of the matter is, that we need allies. As the situation is in the relation to the US, this is also getting a bit strained.

So we need to get the ground situation under control. Whatever it takes for a peaceful solution. Use force, coercion, whatever it takes. We need to be proactive towards the Arabs, to keep them as allies.

My own situation here in Denmark is getting precarious as well. I don’t want to be enemy of the Arabs. But if they ally themselves with Russia and starts to turn Sweden into a caliphate, this is problem for the entire scandinavian peninsula.

So, please, get into the game. Be a player, make friends with the US, and the Arabs, and keep the peace.

G-d bless the will to find peace in the world.

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