Traditionally the right has been in alliance with Israel. To some different extents, except for the National-socialists, who are not really the right, but more the left in my opinion.

This has given the right a true source of inspiration, and in these days, the Israeli conservatives are truly inspiring all around the world. The Jews are contributing and supporting where they can.

The “alt-right” wave, that I basically started, is one of those products of Jewish imagination and thinking that really puts the world on another footing.

So, what we need, is to recognize this movement, and see it for what it is, a bit of light from the Jews.

So we are talking about being the “light upon nations”, well we are.

I hope that the right can actually see this, and stop harrasing us all the time.

We are not perfect, but we also have aspirations and goals to meet, lofty goals actually.

G-d bless Israel.

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