Well, finally we can actually do something in regards to the development of terrorism and the jihadis using the streets of London to wage their civil war.

Because, let us face it, that is what it is.

In this regard, there are some difficult issues we need to tackle and discuss.

Some years ago mr. Johnson got pretty unpopular in the press because he compared the peculiar headdress of a certain Muslim faith to letterboxes.

Point being, that that is not a part of a free western world.

The same could be said about waging jihad with a knife in the middle of the day. That is not, and should not be a part of Western civilization.

It may be ok in the streets of Kandahar, but it is not ok in London, go figure.

So what do we do?

Well, this is the time, we need to use our new acquired freedoms.

Before, we had a lot of trouble with the European Union in these issues, because they did not see the threat to Democracy that the islamists pose, but saw a threat to their own power.

These things are not necessarily the same, but often it is.

Be as it may, there was no real consequence for a jihadi waging war in the streets, because of the stalemate of power between parliament and Bruxelles.

This is not an issue anymore, we are free to follow a conservative course on this political issue.

So what will we do?

We start repatriating all the jihadis.

Some of them have citizenship, others not.

But to wage war against the democratic constitution as they are doing now, is not within the bounds of their citizenship. So if they do that, their citizenship should be taken from them.

In this way, they will never be let loose in the streets again.

They are free to go back to where they originally came from, essentially this is not our problem.

We have to be extremely tough on these issues, and this is something that works.

G-d bless the will to punish those who attack the weakest, bringing justice to those who despise Democracy.

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