I have tried to think a bit more about the Middle East. What went wrong the last time?

To be honest, it was Hillary Clinton. Now, I fought for ms. Clinton against Trump, so it is not so much that I don’t like her ideas. This idea that we should fight for the sound family that resides in a sound village, that resides in a sound state and so on, is a beautiful idea.

BUT, I think the rivalry that was between Hillary and Barack when she was in charge of the foreign affairs were actually not good.

One of the things that I really am truly and still is sorry for, was the fall of the embassy of Benghazi and the assassination of mr. John Christopher Stevens. Why, well first of all, because that was a essentially wrong thing to do, and secondly because when we abandon our best, and John Christopher Stevens he was the best in ourselves, we also show the world, that our own resilience in terms of our OWN idealism, is not there.

We essentially show the world, that we are not strong in our own conviction. So, I sincerely believe, that that is a lesson learned. When and if we support the uprising in Iran, we need to support it, wholeheartedly. Not 50%. When and if we succeed in supporting the rebels of Iran. We truly need to support them all the way, from a point of idealism.

They want freedom, ok, we will give them that with all the means we have. Like supporting a constitution that reflect a Democratic world, with an eye to the history of Iran.

You know, freedom in Iran is different than freedom in the US, in the sense, that Iranians are not Americans. Iranians have their own history and values.

They used to be Zoroastrian, that is a peculiar Iranian religion, that is, hands down, a beautiful religion, that works with fire and has the aim of being good. In fact Iranians invented the idea about goodness, imagine that.

So, when and if we support them, we have to do it, from a true idealistic perspective.

We should fight with them, to give them freedom.

So, that is, at least, one lesson learned in the Arab spring. We should enter in the conflict with an honest heart.

G-d bless the will to keep the light aflame, and support those who yearn for Democracy.

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