The Iranians are seeking democracy, freedom, they fight against tyranny, they REALLY just throw their best lifes in there, to be free.

For at long time, I ignored it, and hoped that the peace deal we made the last time, would hold, but to be honest. For me as a democratic philosopher, who ACTUALLY fight for the oppressed and have sacrificed a whole lot of my life and family for these ideals, I just can’t sit by and look at the bravery and the sacrifice.

We have to help them, even though it may not really be in our immediate geopolitical interest.

It has given me a lot of thought to the dynamics of American foreign policy.

Seriously, why is it, that a philosopher, who, by all means, is living in hiding, persecuted by the authorities, in the underground here I Denmark, happens to be a central advisor for the American administration. How does that ever make sense?

Not only that, what Barack and I made together, and what we could make in Iran, is, potentially, a massive foreign policy win.

Why. Why is it not the academic, who, by all means, have gone the usual straight line, through academia who is the true best advisor.

The reason is, I think, that the US, was made by people like me. Desperate, persecuted, idealist, that came to a new place, to realise some lofty ideals. Like the first settlers, who sought to realise paradise, to the French philosophers who came to the US, and said, that the US is the REALIZATION of the French democratic ideals.

The US is, when it is what it is, a rebel nation. At the same time, it seeks to be a world power. It is the span of interest and ideals, that is so difficult to really work out, because, to be honest even the US is in a bit of academic decline.

But it also really teaches us something about American foreign policy, when it is TRULY idealistic, as with the Arab spring, it moves the world. But when it geopolitical only, it does not really work.

Change is finding the idealism of the US, and spreading it to the world, make the world more Democratic.

In a way it is both a curse and a blessing, because when we make wars that are unidealistic like the war in Iraq, we loose steam. But when we make wars that are truly idealistic, like the Cold War and the Arab spring we are boosted. This is coming from an idealistic, persecuted philosopher.

There is not a day, when I am not having to fend for my life here in Denmark.

So seen from that perspective, the Iranian rebellion, is really a no brainer. It costs the US nothing in terms of material investment, and the potential spoils of that war in terms of geopolitical strengthening is massive.

Just think about it.

But this IS the Benjamin Franklin view of this time, and not the power pusher view. So you need to take that into consideration.

G-d bless the will to keep the flame lit, the flame of freedom and Democracy.

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