Looking at politics, you can basically say, that there are two ways of doing it. One is control, and the other is inspiration.

When you control, you tell people to do this and that, put up strict borders and so on.

I am not saying, that this is bad, it is just a way of doing things. Within the military, this is the way.

But a good democracy, runs very badly on control, because the basic virtue of a Democracy is freedom.

So, one needs to understand, that you need to inspire people, and not control people, for a democracy to work.

That is why the good politicians are half rock stars. Like Kennedy, like Obama, like me.

We are the lifeblood of a democracy, because we make it work, on its own premises.

Now, that is a nut that the EU is yet to crack. How do the EU inspire?

To inspire, you have to have virtues, to fight for something, to give yourself to something. Like me, I sacrifice myself in the name of Democracy.

You know, what I write here, costs me a lot.

But I do it, because I truly and profoundly believe in it.

This gives people hope, and gives people an amount of faith in the Democratic system. As soon as you move to a system, that is unfree, for any reason really, it goes against the idea of the democratic institutions.

But the problem is, to inspire, you have to be extremely competent and idealistic at the same time, uncorrupted and true.

These persons live best in a certain environment, and it is not in bureaucracy, it is in a free democratic forum.

So in order for the EU to prosper, it has to find a way, to initiate forums, that are actually free, and gives people a chance to find a way.

Count me in, contact me directly, send me a mail, I will be happy to support.

G-d bless the will to do good in this world.

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