Human Rights

Denmark has become the chairman of the European Community. One of the projects, that Denmark has initiated is a renewed discussion on Human Rights.

I have initiated that discussion, basically. It was my idea originally. So let me explain.

We have a lot of problems with foreigners in Denmark. They came as a part of the migration that the EU initiated fifty years ago. These foreigners are often ill equipped in the understanding of what it requires for them as citizens to live in an enlightened Democracy.

Often they do not understand what it takes, and often they actually seek other state systems. As we have seen with the rise of Islamism.

This has created a lot of problems for Denmark, and Europe in general.

Now human rights have many different components, one of the main components is the will to see each person as a living being with rights to be protected.

We off cause support this without doubt of discussion.

But there is another very important function of Human Rights, and that is the PROTECTION of Democracy.

Democracy will face new challenges over time, and the Human rights institutions must adapt to these challenges.

The most basic challenge to Human Rights is off cause if Democracy is not respected by the citizens.

It can create a situation, as we saw in the Second World War, where tyrants of different kind used the democratic system to take it over, and reject it.

This can happen, and the Human Rights must implement a sturdy system to counter this threat.

The system is off cause, already theoretically in place, discussed by the ancients.

It goes like this. According to Aristotle, a citizen has to accept and support parts of the democratic institution. That of the law and that of the democratic process. If the citizen, especially a citizen that is new, or comes from a new family of the polis, does not accept this. My idea is to take away the citizenship. In effect rendering the possibility of a hostile take over of the Democratic state void.

This is the idea behind the discussion of the citizenship and the rejection of foreigners who do not accept the law of the country they are in.

It is a defense mechanism.

This we want to implement in the European Human rights discussion.

It should have been there in the first place, now we must put it in, to defend the constitutions of the Democratic nations of the world.

Off cause this is not all we have to do, we need also to educate and help. But if a person has seen its as his purpose to fight Democracy from within, he needs to be expelled. That is the ultimate defense of a nation with internal enemies as Islamists and other villains of Democracy.

G-d bless the will of the council to see the wisdom of this.

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