Human/computer ethics

So, as I have discussed before on the blog, the tech community needs to understand its role in history.

I mean, AR headsets, augmented reality, bitcoin all these new tech tools are, in themselves amazing. The meta verse and all that, BUT if we do not see ourselves in the long history of tech, we end up making mistakes. Like that of using too much electricity to make bitcoin and crypto in general, loosing sight of open source, it is only through the marriage between tech and ethics that we can succeed.

We Change the world, but if we do it without thinking about what the consequences are, we end up destroying the societies and the world. I mean to be honest doesn’t Facebook and many of the social media platforms feel like prisons?

So we have created platforms that people should conform to, and does not conform to people. How is that a good idea. I mean wasn’t computer/human interactions sciences, that I did my thesis on, supposed to make tech conform to human needs and not the other way around?

If we loose the sight of the human in the process, we will make systems, that destroys society.

I know, that I have been in the rails for the last 1 1/2 year, due to my circumstances, but the point, that tech needs to follow humans, and not the other way around, is still valid.

We need to understand, that what built great companies as Apple and Facebook, was the attempt to subdue tech, and make the human rule. HUMAC, remember.

Now when Steve is not here anymore, we are left to our own devises, and we need step up, otherwise people will get fed up with us, and start regulating here and there.

We need to remember, Human/computer interaction, with the total respect of the human. Make it easier to be a human, not create prisons for the human, but set them free, make them happy.

That is what computerscience is about, seen from an ethical perspective. We need to hold on to that, hold on to our virtues.

G-d bless the will to be fast in developing, but steadfast in application of computer ethics.

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