How to be inspired

Where does inspiration come from? This is a question, that I have put to myself a lot of times.

Is it inherent in something, do you get from other people?

An an artist, inspiration is important, I mean in Greek spirituality, it is all about the three muses.

I believe, that inspiration comes from different places, beauty being the most obvious. But it also come from ideals. In politics, ideals are really important. That is your driver, what you use your life for.

Good politicians shed the pay, and go for what they believe in.

This is the main reason, why this Union focus is so important. It is what you can believe in.

So, passion and inspiration comes from your virtues and ideals.

That is where people are really moved.

The obvious good thing about this attitude is, that, apart from being extremely important for the society, it is actually a good thing to work for.

Good paying jobs, to make a living. Make people have a bit of self respect.

It is not only about the job, it is about the selfrespect.

That selfrespect is what carries a man, that carries a family, that carries a town, that carries a state and ultimately the country as such.

Not a bad ideal to fight for.

G-d bless the will to support the Union of America.

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