When you want to Change the World, it is difficult, people react in different ways based on their world view. In the old world, Change is riddled with violence and destruction. If you want to Change something, you can be sure, that you get the entire system on your back. They will kill you parents, destroy your family, and steal your money, just to shut you up. Destruction seems to be the only answer to Change. They do not want to Change, well yes on a superficial level, but truly making a better world is definitely not in the books.

In the New world things are different, here Change is welcomed, and truly celebrated. Especially in the US, things Change according to a beautiful plan, idealism and faith in a dream of a world where we are actually happy remains as a strong drive for a better world. I mean, all my predecessors here from Europe either died here, og escaped to the US. So no wonder it is such an idealistic country. The US is s country made by rebels to rebels.

But the world has actually changed lately due to the development of the Internet, for a blink of an eye, the world opened up due to the faithfullness of the open soruce programmers, but is now closing down again.

That blink of an eye, where mr. Niels Bohrs idea of a an Open world was truly realized, is what we are still hoping for. Will good prevail, or will we enter another phase of closing things up, outruling the ability for people to reach each other in openness?

That is the way of the world, good and bad, hope and despair changes.

But as there is despair, there is also hope, and hope is what I and many are rooting for.

G-d bless the will to be hopefull in a world of despair.

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