Holding on to our humanity

For a long time, I had the good fortune to be so strong in my faith in humanism, that I did not succumb to the usual death trap of bitterness and vindictiveness that is often accompanied, with people that searches for light and truth.

Plato explains it like this. Humanity lives in a cave. It is strung to the end of the cave wall with strings, so it can only see the shadows of a small bonfire that is behind them. But, between the bonfire and the peoples, some guys walks back and forth with carboards that casts shadows on the cave wall.

The point being, that most people only see the manipulated truth, not the real truth.

So the task of the philosopher is to go down into the cave, cut the strings, and let the true light into the cave.

This story is the main story behinds things like journalism, science, a lot of religion and many other application, for thousands of years.

The problem is, when the philosopher cuts into the strings, people start to rebel, and are angry with the philosopher. Bringing truth into the cave is unpopular. The truth bringers are rarely popular.

So you do, as a philosopher, end up in a string of harassment, are put to jail even and even, sometimes, put to the stake and burned alive. As Galileo, and Anaxagoras.

You know, I have just been through another bout of persecution, by the city council, by the cultural minister, by some people of the antivaxx, by a ring of peadophiles and so on.

For the simple act of being honest about the problems we face these days, and for calling out the crime ridden underworld here in Northern Jutland.

Now even I do have my limits, and after a hectic spring, with a lot of struggle, I found myself in a position, where I fought on endlessly.

That was the trap, right there, the bitterness, the loss of faith in humanity.

Because, and that is a profound realisation, enlightenment is a HUMANISTIC tradition. It is about the faith in human beings, and the good we can do for the world. The minute you loose that positive and constructive focus, you are just a bitter old man, loosing your motive and idealism.

Luckily the red indian community was there for me, in my troubles. They tried to heal me, and showed me thet beauty of being positive and supportive.

Maybe this is where we have ended after Trump? Lost our faith in being honest, supportive and nice to each other. We have become bitter, the fight has caught us, and we let ourselves to places, that are not good.

Holding on to our humanity is the only thing that really matter in a conflict. Loosing our humanity will mean that we have, in a very real way, lost the fight for a better world.

G-d bless the will to remember our humanity in a world riddled with trouble and conflict, remain positive and supportive to everybody, even though it is immensely difficult.

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