Having jobs

Ok, when we have tackled the Coronavirus challenge, we have to, at the same time, work on our businesses.

This how we did it in Denmark, we did not do it perfectly, but we did some things ok.

We put a security net under the businesses, so that the businesses did not have to fire any employees.

This means, that now when the crisis is over, our businesses are able to get up and running pretty fast.

This the focus of a opening of society. To get the businesses up and running as fast as possible.

Use the money allocated for the task by the state to make this happen.

There have been some rumble and discussion on the issue, since the rules were a little inflexible.

But the whole helping package was made in cooperation with the businesses that are threatened.

Talking and communicating can get you a long way.

So in order to make a package for the opening of society, try to help those poor families that are in need of support.

Give them a helping hand, by giving them the opportunity to get back their jobs.

Union will hopefully back this Joe, because having jobs are kind of what it is all about being a worker, right?

Instead of headbutting in this situation, try to reach out and cooperate with the owners of businesses.

It can be done.

G-d bless the will to make things work again, after the crisis.

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