Antisemitism is a difficult thing. On the one hand, we are most often, not guilty of the hate we are met with as Jews. At the other hand, we are punished by G-d, if we stray one millimeter away from the covenant; to be the light upon the nations. 

Take me, as an archjew, praying with Tefilin everyday almost, praying for peace and love in between people, I have never met any hostility, even from my fiercest enemies. 

Everybody loves me, and want to be my friend in political life.

At the other hand we have George Soros, who is hated by most of the beautiful blossoming nationalism in Europe. 

What is the truly the difference, well it should be quite obvious, I try to serve, openly, Soros work behind the scenes to manipulate and invest his money. 

Now, this is not to further any antisemitism. Off cause Soros is within all laws as to what he does. But he misses one point to my mind; that of the Jews being the light upon the nations. 

We are here to serve all the nations, help where we can, without trying to push any agenda that is detriment to humanity. 

I am quite sure, that this is what Soros believes he is doing. So why do people love me, and hate Soros?

It comes down to the idea of light. We are the LIGHT upon the nations. The light is the truth. 

When we do not speak truth with a humane heart, then we are not fulfilling our destiny, fulfilling the covenant. 

The ancient Phoenicians, who are some of the basic inspiration of Judaism (they lived as the only truly peaceful people of the Middle East 4 – 5 thousand years ago), were businessmen, just like Soros, and some of the other bankers and businessmen who push the open border agenda. 

These ancient and wise people sought to further their empire without an army, imagine that. 

They had this keen observation, who the descendants of those arch businessmen could use. They realized through their extensive knowledge and exposure to many varied peoples, that one thing always gave war. That of difference of culture. If people are too different, they start war. 

So they tried to blend in, and not be too different from others. 

The same wise principle should be learned by the current businessmen, if you create a situation, where people are mashed together with too much difference in culture (aka diversity), it creates the worst base of war. People have all kinds of grudges against each other.

To create peace, you need to do the opposite of diversity, you need to create harmony. 

G-d bless the will to make a harmonious society.

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