Hail to his majesty King Charles the III

It happens rarely, but when it happens, the ascension of a king to a throne, is a very both festive and important occasion.

What are the vital subjects, that the British monarchy should think about in this day and age?

First of all, the monarchy is the conservative part of society, and should remain so.

Conservatism is not a negative part of society, if conservatism is about supporting the basic principles of society, that is vital for the health of society. The virtues.

Ideally the monarchy is an embodiment of the virtues, of the best part of society.

Being a part of the people, supporting those in need and protection of the realm.

In this day and age, a very politically active monarchy is frowned upon, because monarchy is a part of the democratic institution. But we should not forget that the role of the monarchy; to be a guarantee for the health of the institutions, is extremely important.

Institutions as family, organised religion and nationality.

Society is a balance between ethics and freedom. If a society becomes too free, it corrupts, if it becomes too ethical it becomes stagnant.

So a balance between freedom and ethics is very important for the society to function.

In this day and age, where people need vital institutions such as family and faith, the monarchy is more important than ever.

G-d bless the will of King Charles the III, may his reign be long and prosperous.

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