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Concerning the trouble in the Netherlands, where we have seen farmers protesting the green policies of the government.

We have been through the same process in Denmark, and it was a VERY difficult negotiation. But we managed to succeed. We have made a deal, where we SUPPORT the farmers in their work in the direction of a more sustainable growing system. One of the things we have done, is to partner up with the leading industry of Israel, that makes some pretty amazing things like protein out of grasshoppers and meat made in labs.

How did we do it? We LISTENED to the farmers. They are not totally happy with the deal we have made. But the deal is made with all parties of the parliament, and it is as balanced as possible.

It does not rely on force, but on economic incentives.

When I worked on the deal, I was fortunate, to talk with a lot of the farmers. You know, I really love this crowd. Hardworking, innovative, extremely liberal. They are, in all essential meaning of the phrasing the “salt of the earth”.

They know A LOT about the land, and they are nature lovers.

They are ALSO very independent, and hate anyone deciding for them.

So my experience is, let them decide. Of cause, it had to be a development, that increases food production in an ethical way. But they off all KNOW how to make a more effective and green world.

What you need to do, to make this work is to LISTEN. Don’t force these processes on them, negotiate, try and see it from there perspective, use their knowledge and wisdom.

It can be done, if you have the sincere humility of a democratic attitude. We don’t own this world, we try to make it better, hopefully, together.

G-d bless the RESPECT for everyone involved in green work in general. And then MAKE IT LOCAL.

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