Great England

It has been half a year after the British referendum on EU membership, and it has yet to materialise.

Well, to cite the Queen; what are you waiting for? One thing is to counter all the threats of a divorce from the EU. Another thing is to do it.

There is not pretty or easy way, you just have to do it.

Then what is left? Well, you will find out, that you may not have the most illustrious friends in the world. They may not look hip or wear the right designer jeans. But they are your friends.

What is it really that is important; to look good to the international community, or to live a life that suits you?

When Winston Churchill went against the opinion of the world in the midst of the second world war. He did not do it because it was wise or looked good. He did it, because this was what the british people had elected him to do.

End of story.

The same is expected of the descendants of said paragon. Just do it, even though it will be costly, will take mountains of moving to do. This is what the people chose, so it shall be done.

G-d bless the wisdom of old, and the fortitude of the bold. G-d bless England.

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