Goodbye from a friend

I think I have a very important note to make. After her majesty queen Elisabeth passed away. It just struck me, that I may have something to share.

I know, that I am just a lonely blogger here in the vast sea of the internet, and having been a kind of friend with her majesty, may seem both a bit strange and, honestly, a bit mysterious. But, be as it may, we were truly friends. When I was in deep trouble after my divorce, she came and kind of offered me a job, and I have fought for some time both for british royalty but also for the Anglican Church. So we were actually working with some of the same aims, and trying to figure out, how to make the british isles sound and prosperous.

So, this is a bit of a tale, as to how it was being a friend of Elisabeth, because very few have had that strange yet undescribeable privilege. I am in loss for words.

Elisabeth was that quintessential English rose. She fought for her green islands in a way, that was both stylish yet humble.

She stood up in a world of darkness as a little glimmer of light.

She fought, with all of her heart for the great british men and women, in a world where they are strangely in harms way. She was, behind the scenes, a true champion of both justice AND freedom.

People don’t know that, and I suppose I only know that, because we worked together and she liked me, because this is what I have worked with as well.

I thought you wanted to know. Not many people knew her the way I did, and it is, from the bottom of my heart, the truth as spoken. She was, this comes from a friend, a true rose.

G-d bless you your majesty, and may you live in the memories of your peoples, as what you truly were.

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