According to Iamblichus, the pupil of Plato, G-d is what is good. Then the next pertinent question is; what is good. 

This question is a question that we often fail to put to ourselves, and often when we do, we just imitate the ethics that is around us. Leaving us prone to manipulation. 

According to Plato, in his eminent allegory of the cave, we as people do not like to be presented with truth, and as a consequence, we persecute the truth seekers. 

Me as an example is a pretty good one, even though that I have made a tremendously positive impact on the world as such, still I am the last to stand in the line when it comes to praise and recognition. Be as it may, and it is also nice to an unsung hero, it shines truth to the old allegory of Plato. 

He is right, truth is not a ware we like to either peddle or hear. 

Then good is truly a scarce commodity, because the prerequisite for good is truth. 

Maybe we can actually make a Renaissance, and be more faithful to the virtues of the enlightment, a time where truth was a valued ingredient in our democracies. 

At least, that is what we CAN do, bring truth and honesty to our world, as is the path if we want to be good. 

G-d bless the will to be good. 

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