G-tT mit uns

Germany is in trouble, partly because of the ideas that I have given the great fatherland, and partly because the established elite seem to be stuck in a Frankfurterschool, Marxist thinking.

If you look at the ideas that Germany has given the world, the most dominant is actually Marxism, that still holds a huge part of the world in its grip, most dominantly China.

But there are a lot of interesting and wonderful thinkers in Germany, that the world has enjoyed. Most notable off cause Goethe, but others like Kant, Heidegger and Buber are all very great thinkers.

Lately Denmark has had the leading light in developing new ideas, but we owe a lot to Germany in our own development.

Grundtvig was inspired by Herder, Kierkegaard and Loegstrup both studied in Germany and so on.

Me, I recognize the debt I owe thinkers like Marx, Hegel, Buber and lately Habermas.

Germans are deep thinkers and the tradition is quite old and beautiful.

What I think is important for Germany, is to recognize the dichotomy between Hegel and Marx.

Hegel being the ultimate idealist, that is he believed that G-d is all, Marx being the ultimate materialist, that is there is no G-d.

Both were dialectics. That is, they see development at working from opposite to opposite.

This dichotomy is false to my mind. As above so below, as an old metaphysical proverb goes.

The material world is a reflection of the spiritual world in the sense, that life is spirit.

G-d is life.

As life is mixed up with the material word, we tend to get sucked into the material life, and thus loose our connection to the spiritual world.

We become lonely and isolated. Family is to reconnect to the spiritual realm.

Therefor as I see it, Germany needs to find a new balance between materialism and spirituality. The ‘G-tt mit uns’ is both a dialectic of the material world as well as the spiritual world.

For Germans to find themselves again, they need to refine their connection to G-d, but not to be as idealistic as Hegel, but inbetween.

G-d bless the will of Germans, and may the finally find themselves again.

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