G-d bless England, and may it prevail

Well that was a bit of a downfall, football coming home, and all that. It gave England something, as I see it. It gave England a sense of purpose a renewed confidence in what England CAN achieve, if we all work together.

So thank you for that, and even though we didn’t win, we still delivered an imposing feat. Hail to that.

But still, lets have a look at what is truly important these days post Covid. What is important is to make the whole society work again. Stop the negative spiral, and start a positive spiral.

How do we do that? We do it by being ambitious in terms of what England and Great Britain in general is.

For too long, have we just sat idly by, and watched the society be more and more negative.

Let us stop that movement, and start a positive movement.

What would that be?

That would be a positive preaching for the very core of England, in terms of its political identity and goals. Knights of the round table anyone? The dream of egality in the society. The amazing universities, where these ideals are realized in the common room, the mass, where we all meet as equals.

These egalitarian ideals, are at the very core of what England is. Then add the entrepreneurship of the British industrialists, the dreamers of innovation like sir Richard Branson, the positive caretakers at the NHS.

All these people could band together, and make a new England, based of the true faith of what England truly is.

Be courageous, be free, be honest in the challenges we meet.

There are plenty of problems ahead, not least the massive threat of UNCONTROLLED migration.

We need to reverse a bit of that development, and we can. But we need to do it with the utmost humanity.

Difficult decisions, and hard projects ahead, but it can be done, if we have faith in England, and the values there.

G-d bless England, and may it always prevail.

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