Funding and a big thank you!

Ok, guys, I just want to thank you for the support.

The Middle East peace process is getting along. It will take a while for me to get to Israel. The EU ticket that I am working on, is not released before 7-8 months. But I will get there and start doing dialogue. In the meantime, we will try and support the peace process from the blog here.

Then there is the election in the US, George Soros, maybe you should consider funding the Biden ticket through a prop up of so that it can support Joe?

Things costs money, and we need to use both money for eating as well as sleeping. So this is just a funding plea for George. I will off cause focus the writing here on the election. But I have to go and get a job, until there is money flowing in, so if I had the time to work on the election, it would actually be a bit more focused. Blogging is an oldfashioned way of communicating that started before we figured out how to make money on AI, adds and the like.

So, we are getting somewhere, and that is all thanks to you guys, who want the world to Change.

G-d bless the will to bring hope to the world, and may we find it much more peaceful.

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