When Great Britain becomes free, it will once again be what it truly is; a vast, never ending empire of the West. 

The lay out is already ther; a solid connection to great parts of the world, a cultural as well as an academic leading role in the world. 

Top notch scientific development i all areas. 

But most important; a culture that people really respect. 

But there is one aber dabei. To be free, the UK needs to sacrifice some of its connections to the continent. 

This will not be easy, and therefor, the independence will have to be seen for what is is; a sacrifice for at better future. 

The UK will sever its ties with the continent, but it will at the same time solidify its ties with its former allies in terms of culture, system and ideas.

It is therefore both a boon as well as a sacrifice to walk that path of freedom. 

But a path that I hope all in the UK will ultimately support, at least those who see themselves as a heirs to the democratic ideals of the UK. 

There are negative ideologies, as those who look like letterboxes, but most will support the will to be free. 

Also, it will reverberate with the friends of the UK around the world, that the UK chose to be free, reflecting their own stance here in life. 

G-d bless the will to be free.

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