Here just before the final stretch of the Brexit Odysee, there is a good idea, that I may give to whom will be the next PM. 

According to the ancients, you get freedom, but you only realize it by the strength of your arm and conviction. 

In other words, we are free at birth, but to remain free in life, we need to stand up for our values, our integrity and our country. 

That is the way with freedom, you may get it, but to keep it, you have to fight for it. 

As it is with England. England has always been free, ok we Danes once happened to rule over England, but apart from that, it has always been free. Free from outside rule, until someone thought it was a good idea, that UK joined the EU. 

Did it give the necessary freedom, no. It has given the country away to a Brussels bureaucracy, that has not thought about the freedom of each country, but rather its own control. 

This is not the way of the Great Britain’s. As a part of a country that has given kings to England, this time around we will give you your freedom back. Old wrongs righted. 

So this is my advice, fight for your freedom. Do not take it for granted, that you will remain free. Take your freedom back!

With this courageous act, once again you can tend to your own affairs, make your own course, and give that liberty to each of your own men and women of the Great Britain. 

Ignite that fuse, let it be heard, that your generation did not falter at the task at hand. But stood up for your freedom, to give it on to generations after you. 

If you go away on thirty years time, and the country will be free. It will be your doing, just imagine the honour that will be bestowed upon you. 

Freedom is not free, it has to be won by the courage and hard work of each generation. 

Let it be so, that this generation did not fail that task, but stood up to the task when needed. 

And let it be known, that this time around, the Danes were your friends and not your vicious foe. 

G-d bless the freedom of the isles of the Great Britain’s.

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