Frederick the great

Ok, here is how the analysis is regarding to the Middle East. It is not Ikea, there are no easy fixes, you cannot just find a manual, and then go by that. To make any kind of progress, you need to play the game. What is the game? The game is the patient positioning of the pieces, so that you will win.

Let me give you an example, there once was a great emperor of the Germans. Frederick the great. He was what we call a “philosopher king” like Marcus Aurelius. That is a philosopher, who turn into a king.

He was great, why? Because he read the game like a philosopher, and played it like a king.

At his time, war was a bit like today. The armies were absurdly expensive, so you didn’t really want to employ them. You were worried, that you would loose your valuable army.

So what Frederick did, was, that he participated in the dance of these armies, one step forward, two steps back. But he did something, that the other kings didn’t. WHEN there was a war, he didn’t spare the armies, he went all in. See, played the game like a philosopher, fought like a king.

That is warfare. Street riots are not warfare, they are just street riots. Ok, I know, that mr. Netanyahu needs to deliver on his campaign promises. But fighting in the streets does not help at all, it hinders his moves.

He has to move, and he has moved. Not least in regards to Iran. I have not been able to help much, because honestly, after I advised fighting Iran. The leaders of Iran threatened to kill me, but now things are shaping up, and there is a positive movement in Iran in regards to the human rights of the Iranians, so hopefully they will not kill me. I respect their pleas.

Anyway, the Palestinians are only proxies, you need to see their backers as the real power players, that is where the complexity comes into play. It is not just Palestinians, it is the entire Middle East, that Israel is playing for and against.

So, see the complexity of that, and you will actually help mr. Netanyahu.

G-d bless the will to play the game like the philosopher king Frederick the great.

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