For all of humanity

Ok, international security seems to be a little better. After the succesful trip to the Middle East, by mr. Joe Biden, tempers seems to be a bit less severe.

It helps, that I am supporting the American administration, and being both a jew and with a muslim father, I get a sense of understanding both sides.

Anyway, what are really the things at stake.

Essentially, leading the world is not easy. That being said, it is not impossible either. But it requires a lot of deep understanding of the world as it is.

What it truly presupposes is knowledge, of the different peoples around the world, and their history.

How the Iranians are what they are, the Egyptians, the Arab and so on.

Peace is the aim of all the endeavours of the religious, and it is possible, but difficult.

The crisis in the Ukraine is not finished, and it will continue to be fought, but in order to make peace there. We should not see the conflict as a fight against someone that we want to win, but a conflict, we need to help, to our best ability, to settle in a way, that all parties feel that they are not loosing it all. Make people not loose face.

That is difficult, but not impossible.

At the end of the day, it is all about knowledge, thinking about the world, understanding the world, and by the token of value or virtue, propel the world to a better place for all of humanity.

G-d bless the will to find peace and prosperity for all humans.

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