Farewell queen Elisabeth

One of the things I so much adored with the late queen Elisabeth, was here grace and humanity. I know, that I have only been read by her majesty, and thus not have been in direct contact with her. But strangely enough, you somehow make connections with your readers. I made this wonderful connection to her majesty.

To be honest, royalty was not the first idea of my career, or whatever you call it as a philosopher, it was democracy. I fought that fight for quite some time now. But after truly understanding the crucial role of the royal institution, it kind of made me see, the utmost importance of that ancient idea.

I also got to learn her majesty and really liked her. I must say, in a strange way, she became a friend.

Through that friendship with a back ally philosopher like me, I hope she found, that there is a millenium more for royalty, and I have realised, that one of the things I am going to do. Is to try and support the royal institutions. Not because of the honour or the recommendations, but because, through the royal institutions will we, as a western civilisation survive this next decade of chaos that is lurking in the vicinity of our eyesight.

Winter is coming, and the wall will break in the sense, that chaos and destruction will ensure in Europe.

But, the kings and the queens will be the valiant protectors of the realms. And by these acts will they survive and make European culture healthy and sound again.

G-d bless the late queen of the british, her majesty Queen Elisabeth. May her memory live forever.

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