Far right?

Calling the philosophy I helped spawn Far right, is a criminal offense to all those who were before me, because it implies, that there are a nazi root at the core of my teachings.

You should be ashamed of yourself, and especially you should know, that those you tread upon are your own heroes.

When I started out in my early academic years, I studied history at university. There I wrote a report on the freedom fighters of the Second World War. My professor took to meet what was left of the old freedom fighters, at that time, some of them were alive, and still going around finding Nazies under every rock.

I became good friends with Per, who invited me home to his house, where I saw all the old posters of swastikas broken.

He was also your hero, because he was a Social Democrat.

I was a bit too young to really chip in on his fight, I was in my early twenties, but I did try a little. In my first internship, I was writing in a political magazine called PRESS, and even though Per had some stories about Nazies, they just didn’t believe me on what I said I could tell them about. Ok, I admit, that a very young guy seems to be the least probable in finding out stories about ancient Nazies in Germany, but that actually happened.

I am Jew ok? My own grandmother had to flee to Sweden under the Second World War, so there is absolutely no love lost for me to Nazies.

To be honest, I have met Nazies, and they actually often treat me pretty well. I suppose it is because we, today, have some of the same enemies, namely islamists, and we are both nationalistic.

But I have always given them a wide berth, and you know, looking in their eyes, you can see the coldness and death. There is no life behind those eyes, it is the touch of death to your soul to be a nazi.

Being a hopeless political nerd, I have encountered the footprint of Nazism many times. I was actually a very successful ideology in many ways, and many political parties was inspired by it. No least Stalin, that took the propaganda methods of Goebbels and perfected it, or whatever you call it. The Frankfurterschool is in a sense also a product of Nazism, because they actually took the idea of race, and turned it upside down. But just accepting the idea of race, is accepting some of the basic tenents of Nazism.

But to truly understand what drove Hitler, that disgusting beast, you need to see it from his own perspective. He was into magick. He had read Alister Crowley and madame Blavatsky. Two major figures within the magickal community.

That was what Hitler REALLY was, a dark prophet of evil. He had taken the worst perspectives of Aleister Crowley, who had a penchant for the devil, and then he used it in his political work.

He was, in his own mind, an agent of the fallen angel.

That is a powerful thing, but also, as we saw, utter destruction and evil.

At the core of what you are saying when you call someone far right, you call them the agent of evil and the devil. Because that was what Hitler was.

Now, when you look at spirituality, there is a very complex picture that emerges. There are so many paths to go down at.

But if you want to know what I wear around my neck, I will tell you. I wear a symbol of the angel Michael.

He is what guides me, and I believe that I will follow him.

THAT is what the new right is all about, protection, light, strength in conviction, and beauty.

Thus the exact OPPOSITE of Hitler. Because the archangel Michaels job is to fight the son of darkness, not help him.

G-d bless the will to see things as they are.

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